As and For a 5th Cause of Action Against the State of New York, Supreme Court of the State of New York and Judge David T Reilly

When it presiding Justice refuses to recuse himself after three orders to Show Cause for recusual, violates your civil and constitutional rights refusing you counsel or legal representation, withholds the court file within his part over the course of two (2) years without access AND…

  1. The plaintiff’s Uncle is apart of the Justice’s election campaign to the bench 
  2. The Justice’s wife works for the plaintiff’s longtime colleague and friend
  3. The Justice himself attends and frequents events with the Plaintiff’s longtime colleague and friend 
  4. Issues Orders containing factual misstatements
  5. In two (2) years not only document or discovery is turned over by the plaintiff although presented to the court mounds of documents showing the siphoning and hiding of marital funds and the plaintiff’s history of mortgage fraud

And of course other violations as outlined in the following Article 78 complaint against the Justice 

Article 78 petition filed against Justice Reilly

Your civil and constituent rights are violated by a Justice breaking the law
The Plaintiff and the Justice’s Spouses’ boss!

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