Evil Step-mother Syndrome 

So of the many reports today made with the Federal Buerau of Investigation and evidence/documentation turned over including historical evidence of prior mortgage frauds of 2003 and 2006, more than 13 aliases and various check endorsements disclosing the same of such offender, and finally in what I am alleging are acts of a biased hate crime of public corruption, extortion, conspiracy to commit bankruptcy fraud, mortgage fraud, identity fraud, computer tampering, police coverup, court corruption, docket tampering – the role of the “mother-in-law” and Mr Kniazuk are of particular interest including the manipulating of this police report and series of text messages together with the ever evolving outward hate and disdain held by a woman that doesn’t live in the modern world around us; today’s day in age to hold such passionate hatred toward individuals that love someone either of the same gender or different set of beliefs is and should be held as criminal and prosecuted all the same.

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