What Planet Are We On?

With the recent turn out of the elections where yet for another instance in our country’s history it is not the people’s voice that matter in what is termed a democracy.  Such injustices for me only force me to continue to question what world or planet we actually live on.

For those that have followed my blog these past two years or my recent rants, much of my journey is in fact all about my attempt at fighting injustice, holding steadfast to my civil and constitutional rights, optimistic in the ideology that truth and justice prevail.

But when I look at my journey, one where all that was needed and to this very day I wish had been the path chosen, would have been an “I’m sorry” and an effort to undo, correct such wrongs / “mistake”.   Two years later that is still the path in my heart each day I wish I had and was journeying because everyday I still awake feeling a profound sense of sorrow and loss for someone I love(d)/miss very much, someone I maybe never voiced as much as I could have but that to me was my best friend.

Instead like many of us this week, walking around in complete and utter awe, I have spent two years in that same state of awe, watching our justice system and attorneys /judges that I use to view as a noble profession, work dishonestly to advance dishonesty, lie and cheat for nothing but the purpose of greed. 

I’ve watched police reports be altered to coverup dishonest acts; my right to privacy compromised with the hacking and cloning of my computer and smart phones and stripped of any and all self-sufficiency all for the purpose of advancing and concealing deviating dishonesty opposed to just simply undoing a wrong, making right a mistake as simple as that.

As a people much like I, I presume the American dream still is and continues to be just a life of fairness, the ability to live life for who we are and strive to come a bit closer to the dreams we pursue.  

But our reality is quite different as we continue to see, so I must the question the world we live or what planet we’re from, because is this all truly a remenant of what is meant by the American dream?

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