DA’s commits to follow direction of FBI & investigate

Today District Attorney representatives commit to follow suit in investigating allegations again clerks of the court, presiding Justices and unethical attorneys should FBI not pursue matters.

Awaiting follow up meeting and exchange of evidence with the Federal Bureau of Investigation this week against such unlawful acts of fraud upon the court, conspiracy to commit bankruptcy fraud, mortgage and insurance frauds, identity fraud, public corruption, bias hate crime, computer tampering, docket tampering and more, representatives from local District Attorneys Office acknowledge complaints against such individuals as filed with the New York State Attorney Generals Office and commit to launching their own investigation into matters should the FBI not launch their own investigation pending their receipt of additional evidence and follow up meeting this week after taking initial complaints at 26 Federal Plaza field office last week.

It’s been two years of lies, fraud upon the court and concealment of unlawful and wrongful acts and its time such is….

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