Hats off to the FBI

Two days late on this blog post but I must say hats off to the Federal Bureau of Investigation which I am assuming was the magic ingredient here, because not only did I hear from the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office on Wednesday with the ever so welcome news that the district attorney is referring the entire Suffolk County court case for investigation to the New York State office of court administration and New York State Commission on judicial conduct, but I magically heard from out of the blue Wednesday evening from an NYPD lieutenant finally responding to the inspector general to the NYPD’s impending launch of investigations into several police coverups and altering of police reports, and unlawful acts that still up until present day remain ignored and have yet to be investigated.

This Leuitenant apparently wanted to introduce himself and assure me that every matter and every police report and complaint taken is now going to be personally investigated closed out report or not…..
What this tells me is certainly the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the two special agents I’ve been meeting with must have been starting to exert pressure into a very corrupt government and public officials that for two years have abused and victimized me because these dishonest official hold nothing but hatred in their hearts, which they justify apparently terming it “being a good  Christian”.

Well I will say this the last time anything of this magnitude or resemble  anything of this magnitude brings me back to a little-known church scam which we all know to date back to  Ms Tammy and Jim Faye Baker.  I was only a kid back then but I do recall both of them did eventually get caught and did hard time in a federal prison…. 

I may have been/may only be an army of one (till now) but an honest and righteous army of one I remained, holding steadfast to my integrity and to the truth.

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