Field day of Suffolk County Judicial Corruption David T Reilly – Jail the Justice !??

How many “orders” or variations of “orders” can the same (should be disqualified) Suffolk County Justice issue on and for the same one motion (see motion #5) submitted AND granted Sept 18, 2015 by an attorney themself seeking to be relieved from representation and involvement in such unlawful conduct as is being commited by these court officers David T Reilly, Louis F Simonetti and Assistant Attorney General Angel Guardiola covering up such federal financial crimes of Matje G Youngs and her son.

Such fraud against the court and not only fabricated stories but how many different versions  of “court orders” with dates that don’t even match the court record or even a date the physical Judge didn’t even bother to walk into the court house and go to work that day…. (October 19, 2015) obviously goes to speak for why David T Reilly had personallly kept and maintained the court file in his part for an entire two years!
Thank you Special Agent Carey and ADA McPortland for taking an interest in pursuing Justice… let the good times roll!!!

Then of course here an email from scumbag “Simonutti’s” paralegal stating October 19, 2015 court appearance was adjourned by Judge David T Reilly,  the same Suffolk County Justice who on January 25, 2016 claims the motion was heard in open court before him; 

Which is laughable unless these guys attend court in an alternate universe, yours truly was the only one in court on October 19, 2015 along with Administrative Justice Patrick Leiss who granted making returnable an order to show cause finding Judge Reilly himself in violation of a federal stay under 11 USC 362 and even noted on record that the court record and orders in hand don’t match and he couldn’t tell me why that would be…!  

I’d say that’s because it’s time to investigate and “Jail the Justice”

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