Still just utter disbelief some days

 I still have many days like I did today that was difficult and just complete and utter disbelief of situation and my reality and I keep hoping that I wake up from a nightmare and that’s what this was.

I take a look back at this letter that I wrote January 7, 2013 as I went in for my first line operation in the first of what was going to be five major operations. Obviously I was frightened for all life and when now I look back and discover that only five days prior to leaving that letter behind unbeknownst to me all of a sudden there was a $4000 unauthorized balance transfer in debt assignment into my Discover card never telling me about it, and six days prior delayed in making any kind of deposit had a $1500 overdraft of our mortgage would go on to my Chase credit card.

I have Jaslie so unsuspecting I was just clueless because I suppose that I love them unconditionally and never ever thought that something like this would be done let alone intentionally and to this day not having had to cancel lawfully for even one single dollar.

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