Backup Open Communication to Federal Law Enforcement  

Subject: US Bankruptcy Court Eastern District of NY 1-15-41069-CEC

Attachment Viewable

Available until Dec 31, 2016
To Whom it May Concern 

Please find attached the pertinent documents and evidence in follow on to my many and ongoing requests for assistance and in that alleging having been victimized by very officers of the court.
It is becoming clearer that I believe this filing has been the catalyst or enabler for some sort of mortgage foreclosure scam perpetrated and participated in by Trustee Richard J McCord, Justice Carla E Craig, Lawrence Morrison, DOJ William Curtain, George Drapan, Louis Simonetti, Justice David T Reilly, Steven Raiser, James Ingoglia, Salvatore LaMonica, Jacqlyn Loftin, Douglas Pick, Aprilanne Agostino, Darrell Jospeh, Ken Bell among others.

Further, given such and additional frauds upon the court in Suffolk County, Kings County and the Appellate Court Second Department, I have engaged with Special Agent Carey of the FBI – Public Corruption Bureau who is in receipt of additional documentation and evidence pertaining to the State Court proceedings being investigated in what is an apparent smoke screen/catalyst for these acts that have been committed against my good name by very dishonest public servants. At present my threshold of loss is way north of $250,000 and have been left for broke and on the verge of becoming a public charge.
You will see in the attached a very cohesive effort to prohibit your undersign from having full discovery or disclosure of any documentation by such court officers, clearly they were concealing their inherent acts deceiving JP Morgan Chase & Co into believing Edward filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy when in fact he clearly filed false claims against my estate and further used this bankruptcy in an apparent act to skirt any disclosure of his financial accounts in the state matrimonial proceeding where he and his mother have allegedly fraudulently transferred more than $200,000 of marital assets.  

Further, as is apparent despite thorough and detailed accounts to Richard McCORD and a State judicial subpoena to durn over his records from alleged depositions he claims he did and documents he reviewed of Matje G Youngs and the Living Trust of Matje G Youngs and my estranged spouse Edward, no such documentation has been put forward by him as I believe no such investigation or inquiry has occurred.

In all, there is an apparent 23 or so public servants that have enabled and engaged in these acts that encase multiple insurance, mortgage, foreclosure and identity frauds, not to mention the obvious conspiracy and attempted bankruptcy fraud / obstruction of justice.

Any and all court appearances or proceedings should be reviewed strictly by the audio captures as transcripts are not true and accurate in these proceedings nor the docket.
Finally it appears that Terence Scheurer, Esq may have had knowledge of the foregoing as displayed in the accented words in his emails to me (reading between the lines) and for which I believe he sought to be relieved as counsel in the matrimonial proceeding before Justice Reilly.

Please review and do the needful as your undersigned still remains victim and held hostage to these acts and wrongdoing being committed.

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