Not so fast… 

So while I suppose it takes a little bit of coordination when you’re coordinating so many backhanded dishonest things but only shows me how scared people are to the extent it seems like people are rushing to get a few things done at the very moment;  and while an attempt to rehack the router at home, the FBI already has and it’s in receipt of every single piece of evidence and story to tell on every single dishonest one of these bastards out there. 

Now, The Honorable chief district judge of the US bankruptcy court issued an order back in March claiming that there had been no issues with respect to my home at 33 Pennington Dr. but the judge probably didn’t realize I already have transcript from an entire dialogue two months earlier and evidence that I docketed a recording between me and Chase that was also turned over to her. So to the extent that this judge is issuing orders that contain her very own lies the FBI already has the evidence.

People all of the emails that I’ve sent to the very dishonest Glen Cove Village Justice Richard McCord advising him of mortgage fraud and the FBI actually has the recording’s of the appearances and all of these fake adversarial proceedings including Discover (follow up appearance pending) when we’ve already spoken to them. 

So included in the fact that apparently which is why this homestead became such a big deal that, it had to be published in Bloomberg, because this was all a mortgage foreclosure scam and I guess, assigned a part without even knowing it; I suffered as the victim but was made a culprit;  I wind up with dirty hands without even trying because it appears at least on chases records that I wasn’t the one that bankrupt but again FBI already knows this and has those statements together with the recordings so I’m sure they’ve already secured all the applications, documents, etc from Chase and all of chases records.

 our dear Judge Riley, yeah we kind of already had that stuff over to the FBI that this is all be fraud upon the court, but the FBI already got all of the evidence and part he played. and they were also very we are about this inquest set up and what transpired on Monday so that I wasn’t in court on settlement means there   no settlement but they are also very aware and have copies of all the request for subpoenas to Ms Agostino.  Yeah and the fact that we got relatives that are part of scumbags law firm FBI already knows that too.

And then there comes Raiser & Keniff yeah FBI knows that also; they have the evidence of all of the letters back-and-forth and we let them know that even though we gave them $10,000, very likely insurance payout for being taking  unlawful acts of of identity fraud committed against me but I suspect insurance payouts were being made.

The we have a history and pattern of things including public records, ways in which multiple aliases used in writing and endorsing checks, varying name usage on  the actual IDs,  so too slow and late attempting to set me up;   FBI has it all, including dear motherinlaws  threats about losing it all and being for forewarned so yeah I guess this is what happens when you’re such a vulgar heating person and don’t love your neighbor.
We also quite clearly know that many of the Suffolk County court orders don’t match and the FBI’s been looking at them for two weeks now and they taken Martha Reilly and Traci Roethels info weeks ago,  so very likely I don’t see how we’re going to get that court case cemented without some investigation by federal agents since thats reaping fraud on the court up-and-down.  And they know about the two dockets in Brooklyn.

Oh wait and then we have Terry Scheurer and his fortune telling in his emails emphasizing to recuse judge, annul marriage, and all his other stuff foretelling even the lift stay, court record,  recuse judge, etc good ole  fortuneteller more than a year ago, FBIs got too.

And we have good ole David Kniazuk and his text message and admission of $40k,they were VERY interested in that.

The sad thing here is I still  don’t know in my heart how much of it is really John or not. I think he may be a victim as much as I am by these very dishonest evangelical church goers who believe gay is bad; I think my estranged spouse has some responsibility (ok maybe a lot),  but i feel sorry for him in a way because I think he’s been abused and brainwashed his entire life, being made to feel less than because he’s gay; truth is he’s a much awesomer person that’s attractive when he is gay and caddy opposed to walking on egg shells for the corporal.  

But I will say this I’m certainly given everybody a run for their money and I’m so happy that we’re looking at it all at once and not it’s in pieces; cause the FBI don’t have jurisdictional issue of counties or incident, they’re looking at it same way I am now being late it had gotten plan by these dishonest people as one big charade. 

And ironically we have all of the computer hacking information and even Verizon captured it. So to that extent I know that I have to just hang out at present while they do their thing and eventually I get my day in court and some restitution, it’s coming.

Oh and even the documentation from the summer of 2012 , this Chiarelli 5 Aquaview Court real estate deboggle is starting to really look like it’s all intentionally connected and  that the FBI, has my affidavit of truth to the Suffolk county da and that fun stuff. 

I think we pretty much got it all covered and they got it all in a nice and organized wrapped supporting involved on all 23 named people reported to the attorney general; I think I hear an appearance before a grand jury on numerous individuals coming down the line in the not so distant future…..

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