As the story unfolds

As more time passes, more becomes evident that this is a sick game and punishment if you will for choosing to “Go against G-d’s word”

What has been going on these two years (gives rise to federal racketeering) but is not my husband.  

It’s his mother, Matje G Youngs, Arthur Van Nostrand, the evangelical church, and even my half-sister Renee Applebaum, and half-brother Philip Denker, all apart of the born-again evangelical church entrapment.  

I believe my husband is entrapped in this, they are making it appear as if he has been commiting such financial acts as “marriage” grants certain pardons but in fact he is not committing these acts. 

It has also given rise to the forester rig of bad feelings between one another to really divide our marriage and us. It is our punishment from his mother, and the church for choosing to marry and being gay.

Justice David T Reilly, Louis Simonetti, Matje G Youngs, Arthur Van Nostrand, Renee Applebaum, Philip Denker, Sylvia Colon-Denker, Monroe Diefendorf, Richard J McCord, Lawrence Morrison, Steven Raiser, David Kniazuk and James Ignacio are all individuals involved in what given rise to federal racketeering and acts of mortgage foreclosure scams, obstruction of justice, identity theft, banking and check fraud etc.

Arthur Van Nostrand was even employed for a short period of time October 2014-December 2024 with Bethpage Federal Credit Union the HELOC of or home for which they attempted to foreclose; he is also a former Northrop Grummund Engineer with such technical knowledge to commit such computer hacking!

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