I Give-Aways Your “Family” Conspired / Withholding the TRUTH

1.  You keep hearing the words: “hang in there little brother, just a little longer”

2. The moment your pre-paid mobile phone is hacked and the only person you called and has the number to it is your sister 

3. You’re sister encourages you to get a hidden camera in the house, is the only one that “knew about it” and it winds up being used to spy on you

4. When your niece begins telling you more abouy private aspects of your life than you’ve ever shared with others

5. The moment in an Wendy’s restaurant you’re told about an aspect of a mmortgage only just discovered had you hadn’t told anyone about it yet.

6. When regardless how much you begin to realize you were wrong in thinking you’re spouse wronged you, and the response your sibling gives is “HE did this to you”

7. The moment a big mouth confesses over text to receiving $40,000, and his phone records likely to be reviewed and where phone records, your sister starts to insito she knows the big mouth (someone shes never met through me)

8. When the Department of Financial Services illegally takes your car which goes MIA, and you’re sister-in-law works for them and has a different reason each time her documentation doesnt match yours

9. Your nephew, sister’s life-long best friend, two brothers all go “to the church” and your sisters’ response is “join the church church and maybe you’ll find the answers”

10. One of the forged checks you discover, your mother-in-law forges your husbands name and your sister cashes and endorses it, all while you’re out of the counrty

11. When the fraudulent mortgage document has your last name listd as “young”, the same as youre siblings’ mother’s last name

12.  The moment when your “friend” / business acquaintence slips out to remind you you’re sister use to be executor of your estate 

13. Your sister who is moderately compensated for her employment does a heafty overall to her apartment to the same 20% a big mouth claims he’d be compensated to also befriend and screw you

14. When wierd occurances emerge with your business and your sister had standing to transcat on behalf of the business.

15. The moment your sitting in Wendy’s and your sister advises you that you might have to go away for a while or change your name entirely and completely (especially when you know you’ve done nothing wrong)

16. When you find in your heart the ability to love your spouse and understand the circumstance of bad criminal people around him and you’re presented the excuse justifying everyone else as “but he agreed to it”

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