Long Island’s Simonetti turns Simo’nut’tie falsifying documents and lying to Supreme Court Justices

In yet another clear display of fraud by officers of the court, labeled “Long Island’s Best Divorce Attorney” by Bethlage Federal Credit Union, Long Island Attorney Louis F Simonetti, throws other colleagues under the bus using their name and forging their signatures; Herein one example where this Long Island attorney has gone around Falsyfing  documents and lying to Supreme Court Justices in what is emerging as a biased hate crime in furtherance of federal racketeering and mortgage foreclosure scams.

As clearly illustrated by lack of a stamp for filing with the Suffolk County Clerk’s Office and further confirmed in transcript before the Honorable John Bivona, there had been no verified complaint  filed some 7 months after filing of a Summons w/ Notice and based upon the attorney affirmation dated September 16, 2014, it would serve to be quite impossible that Mario DeRossi received a verified complaint September 11, 2014 despite that being submitted to Justice Carl J Landicino of the Kings County Supreme Court by Simonetti & associates, thus I would say Long Island’s “best” Louis Simonetti has turned Simo’nut‘tie

Take notice of the attorney afffirmation and email from Simonetti’s paralegal in re: October 19, 2015 and thereafter also the “order” issued by Justice David T Reilly

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