Setting things right… 

After more than two years of struggling, enduring emotional pain trying to find and make sense of things while those around me that were suppose to care and love me let me suffer in pain and anguish while they remained silent,  place and directed blame toward a blameless individual and sought to end a marriage of two people who chose to love one another.  

They placed a blameless individual in a position of choosing between his husband or his mother. 

Tomorrow I may not be able to make things perfect, but I intend to certainly try to make things right, at the same time ashamed that it’s taken me this long to put all the pieces together and certainly for the amount of time that we both had to endure such hurt and pain  needlessly caused by people that need to do some serious soul searching and that need to be held accountable for the pain and hurt that they’ve caused us both.

John, I am sorry for not being capable of seeing the truth through my own confusion and hurt and I am sorry for not believing in us more than what had been or appeared to be. You and I have both been the victims here….

Neither of us will ever be the same because of what we’ve been put through, but I do and always will love you.

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