Suffolk County Justice David T Reilly & Court Clerk Court Record Tampering More Ways Than One

In a clear and documented instance on April 10, 2015, Suffolk County Justice David T Reilly and Court Clerk caught red handed tampering with court records falsely making alterations to court records which at present are unfolding to have contributed to a federal racketeering mortgage foreclosure scam conspired and engaged in collusion with Long Island attorney Louis F Simonetti

As displayed on April 8, 2015 prior to such alteration, defendant had NEVER been listed as a Pro Se litigant nor was the defendant, a very different picture than which exists today.

Take notice the sudden addition of a 2014 ProSe litigant that never existed.

The question is how and why are these two getting away with it; why has this case despite several orders to show cause for recusal and /or dismissal still proceeded to an unlawful disposition and further financial abuse of the defendant?

Last I looked this was a federal crime!


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