Suffolk County Supreme Court Justice David T Reilly  fraud upon the court / concealment of bias hate crime

Once again before Suffolk County Justice David T  Reilly this morning presented with clear and concise evidence of falsified documentation by Long Island attorney Lou Simonetti and further evidence of a bias driven hate crime against both parties by the evengelical Church, Justice Reilly continues to ignore both evidence of fraud upon the court and such by just hate crimes for which just one week ago was presented with nearly a 300 page order to show clause with at least six concrete instances of fraud upon the court, docket tampering and continues to conceal such acts which give rise to federal racketeering in what is and appears to be of sorts a mortgage foreclosure scam as reported to the FBI, US Department of Justice and Suffolk County District Attorneys Office.

Notice today’s Order to Show Cause isn’t even stamped up properly notating this was before Justice David T Riley.

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