Evangelical Christian Scam / Hate crime 

I’ve discovered an interesting follower of my blog clearly one that aligns with the messages of hate and disdain put out by my very misguided mother-in-law.

For nearly two years I’ve painfully tried to make heads or tails of what I’ve termed my reality while others watched on, some even encouraged and pointed blame at the one person that for me made this such a painful experience, my husband.  Two years of trying to answer a question of why, yet misguidedly placed toward the wrong person.  Not my husband, but his mother, the church, my own half-siblings.  

In the end as the end draws closer, these evil people have not accomplished what it is they sought.  I still love my husband, I always will. I miss my husband today as much as I did two years ago; and if for nothing else I’m the one who owes him an apology for not seeing and reading between the lines and believing in us more than what appeared on the surface.

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