Nervous are we?!?!

So it appears that the “half-siblings” that have been all but forthcoming appear to be getting nervous with the FBI now involved and soon to be paying them a visit in what is evolving more and more of a bias hate crime driven by the evangelical church.

My father gets a call yesterday from my half-brother (an evangelical church go-er himself now) in an attempt to “speak to me”

For more than two years, I’ve been victim to a corrupt court system, dishonest attorneys, my right to privacy comprised, my apartment broken into several times, ejected from my own home, contributed to the break up of my marriage and a friendship, left crippled emotionally trying to make heads and tales of what what’s going on right before my eyes all while they pointed fingers at my husband… 

NOW as the truth unfolds, these enablers want a free pass opposed to being held accountable for the crimes they’ve committed.  

Family or not… do the crime, you do the time!!!

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