Suffolk County’s Reilly & Simonetti defraud the court and violate federal stays

A clear display showcased in the documentation herein that neither Simonetti nor Suffolk County Supreme Court Justice David T Reilly can tell the same story regarding one October 19, 2015 court date.

You’ll see as displayed in what is an apparent “looks like” court Order referencing October 19, 2015 together with Simonetti’s affirmation before a Kings County Supreme Court Justice together with his paralegals email claiming his an adjournment of the October 19, 2015 court date 

Yet in actuality and the certified transcript will show that Reilly never went to work on October 19, 2015 as is noted on record before Administrative Justice Patrick Leiss that reviewed and signed an order to Show Cause reflecting Reilly as having violated a federal stay pursuant to 11 USC 362;  yet this case still continues forward with mounting fraud upon the court

Take notice of the dates above and below that don’t even matchEdit

Certified transcript of October 19, 2015 before chief administrative justice Patrick Leis III

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