Tales of a Time Long Ago

Amidst the evolving and unfolding truths these past couple of weeks and on-going interactions with federal authorities, appears to be unnerving a few.

Much of what has been smoke screened by a “matrimonial proceeding”, a fraudulently induced bankruptcy petition/filing and smoke screened acts of identity fraud/theft, my dad just a couple of weeks ago tells of a tale long ago (more than 40+ years ago) where he receiving a call at his then employer all the way in New Jersey from a bill collector for household financial services.

What appeared and turned out to be a line of credit opened by his ex-spouse and her new partner is my dad’s name.
Fast forward 40+ years and way to many ironies now starting to align…. I’d call this more than irony, id call it the world is getting much smaller and such contributing crimes are coming to the surface soon to be unveiled and offenders brought to justice.

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