The hacking is getting exhausting 

Since around June timeframe i began to notice my computers, my portable devices and mobile phones all began acting weird.  By gay pride weekend, Time Warner cable had confirmed that my router has been hijacked and by August just around the time frame Mr David Kniazuk admitted to receiving $40,000 from my mother-in-law in what is now being viewed as a bias hate crime being driven by the evangelical church involving many others…

Just two weeks ago a new cable and internet service provider was newly installed and that same night, my home network hacked into and MAC addresses traced and reported to the FBI in what is and has been an ongoing investigation for months now. 

At the same time my mobile phones, the fourth set of phones since June were compromised and even capturing two (2) IMEI’s linked up to my one iPhone.  (Both IMEI’s captured and reported to the FBI). 

IMEI: 353330078945619 and IMEI: 353330078945616

Now for two weeks in a row I am receiving anonymous gibberish text messages both on Saturday evenings for which I can only assume are some type of hacking mechanisms or at the very least nothing positive.

Even my laptop despite having three hard drive replacements keeps reverting into a Windows NT mode. And I don’t even have administrator rights to my own laptop.

Such acts only display there are a lot of people that are quite scared obviously thus, I don’t know if I should be flattered at the continuous and ongoing attempts to compromise my data integrity and privacy or be annoyed; although I will say  I wasn’t such a moron, originals and copies of all the evidence I have has already been turned over to the FBI and all data files replicated and bit locked on media I don’t even have in my possession any longer, so I am just about becoming exhausted with such attempts to violate my right to privacy as the wheels of Justice are soon to come tumbling down like a domino effect!!

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