Assistant Attorney General Guardiola Clerk of Court Agostino, Simonetti & Reilly defraud our State Court System

And yet filings against Suffolk County Supreme Court Justice David T Riley in an article 78 proceeding that has documented at least six occurrences the fraud upon the court in the falsification of documents submitted by Long Island Attorney Louis Simonetti, A New York State Assistant Attorney General Angel Guardiola and Clerk of the Court Aprilanne Agostino, a relative of Simonetti & Associate attorney Joan Agostino continue to infiltrate and coverup fraud up the court of our state Supreme Court.

Even the backing of this “notice of entry” by Assistant Attorney general not only is not signed but is not even dated correctly.

Accordingly as the FBI office of public corruption continues to look into such investigations all of these dishonest “court officials”need to be hauled off and jailed 

Here’s a clear and evident summation of such frauds upon the court by this judge, these attorneys that are covered up and held silent even by our State Attorney General’s Office and Appellate court crooked clerk #Agostino

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