Is the world really that dishonest or is my understanding of “goodness” flawed… 

With it being Christmas time and all of these Christmas specials and movies some with the plot of ones pursuit of finding “Christmas spirit” or “avoiding their ghosts and haunts of Christmas past” and even some this year aparently emphasizing the slogan that you can’t spell families without the word “lies”.

For the third year in a row, I’m with trying to make heads or tails of the world around me, this season watching my mother’s health ailing and her time with us seemingly quantifiable by the day, and I nearly 3 years of me trying to be the person I was always inspired and raised to be; That’s not perfect, but I was always raised to tell the truth, to do the right thing and the honest thing. To be grateful, to care about others and to be giving but not to stand expecting to receive.

Yet, all that surrounds me as it appears, are dishonest people, enabling and concealing acts that are dishonest, that are for nothing but the mere gratification of human greed and financial gain.

I’m made to feel hopeless, suggestive of being paranoid even by very people that once were  thought to be people who held love or warmth for me and that the world for which I was brought up in, the ideals and values I hold stead fast too, yield nothing but the loosing end of a stick because greed, lies, dishonesty are what appears to be much more of the way of the world and today’s human values of the majority vs the minority.

But is the world really that dishonest? that selfish? ; or am I just that hopeful of a world still so far from a miraculous Christmas/Chanukah gift of goodness?

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