Suffolk County Clerk, Reilly & Simonetti – docket tampering & fraud upon the court

In what is probably a seventh instance of fraud upon the court and docket tampering between Suffolk County Supreme Court Clerk, Justice David T Reilly and Long Island attorney Louis F Simonetti, I’d love the Clerk to show me where on the court record they even have listed the Order to Show Cause tied to this check!!!   The same thing for January 12, 2016  and November 28, 2016….  appears someone in the clerks office needs to be prosecuted for docket tampering (*cough, cough Judy and Susan, *cough)

Because there isn’t any one tied to the court record…. despite one being filed with these dishonest officers of the court who were / are engaged in federal racketeering and a mortgage foreclosure scam tied to a bankruptcy in the eastern district of New York 1:15:41069:CEC involving Glenn Cove Village Justice Richard J McCord and Chief Justice Carla E Craig.

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