As and for the theft of an automobile, and one half-sister and sister-in-law as reported suspects

On August 15, 2015, my Mercedes GLK350 was booted and towed from a private parking lot  for what the New York City Department of finance said was an apparent clerical error of a four day insurance lapsed three months prior for a suspended registration. And this such vehicle towed unlawfully off of private property without advising even the security of said private property that they were removing a vehicle, which is also subject of a very real and still pending federal bankruptcy stay pursuant to 11 USC 362 AND any and such alleged debt being asserted subject of this tow would actually be a violation of the fair debt collection protections act 15 USC 1692, but by The finance companies very own October mailing, from the vehicle’s  very own finance company, said account was and as stated current; therefore Sounds like someone put their own feet into their fat mouths, for which such reports that the vehicle is now reported stolen, and  no my husband is certainly not the suspect or individual to blame, clearly!! 

What is also clear is that there Certainly is some form of insurance fraud and on authorized altering of insurance policies and information without authorization internal to Geico seemingly may have been a part of this also, but I think a certain New York City Department of finance and play certainly have a lot of questions to start answering.

By the way I would appreciate the return of everything that was in the vehicle especially my religious materials and regalia, since evangelical Christians don’t have a need for Hebrew prayer books. Mucus appreciated since there were about $2000 worth of personal possessions but in the vehicle at the time that it’s taken. 

Surely the wheels of justice continue to turn because It certainly sounds like the makings and certainly quite the list ranking upfor what I believe one typically does seek and pursue  federal grand jury indictments…..  

 no need to wish  being a fly on the wall any longer,  because presumably you don’t have front row seats…  

Oh and here are all the original email trails,  clearly we can decipher which are true and accurate emails and which you’re not… oh and don’t you know who clearly was blind copied on that email clearly an email to month later have an entirely different story is a fabrication liar liar pants on fire. You probably use the wrong pronoun when you said “he did this to you”, you probably meant “she”.  

I’ll don’t you know get an answer tonight and have to “join the church” after all, did I….  !!

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