The moment without any question whatsoever evidence surfaces confirming your half-siblings full of hot air

It only took nearly a month for you to magically come up with the come back to try to cover your ass, busted !!! 
But of course you then begin to discover that apparently there exists emails which I’ve never created but certainly do exist since your computer had all been hacked and all involve guess who!! 

 I hope you’re prepared and looking forward to a nice jail sentence in a federal penitentiary as I’m looking forward to ensuring justice is done!

Exhibit A of a “fake email” self-serving to covering up the criminal acts of my half siblings.  No words except you are beyond indecent human beings.

Ironically again the smokescreen all of her hot air you get an excuse of a car being repossessed which obviously based on the below communication from the finance company and dealership the self, there were two months payments left and on my  credit report actually has the account closed apparently on March 2015.   

Wake up and smell the coffee your criminal you’ve committed hate crimes, contributed to public corruption, conspiracy, obstruction of justice, computer tampering, docket tampering, federal racketeering and mortgage fraud….  you and you’re fellow church going criminals are going to be going to jail for a VERY LONG TIME!!! 

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