Happy New Year!!

2016, and 2015 for the matter sucked more than anyone could ever imagine. And I’ve had some pretty rough years, and certainly obstacles, 2013 under going two spinal operations, 2014 having a stroke and beginning this odyssey that I’ve continually referred to as my reality.

Today is the first day I think in two years, I put a smile on my face and felt a sense of renewed hope and some happiness in starting to gain some clarity in being able to really define speak of what my reality actually is. Today, is the first day that I realize what it truly means to be someone’s spouse, in committing to protecting and ensuring their well-being at all costs, even if that means hurting them along the way, attempting to shield them from harm.

We still very much live in a world driven by hate and greed when it comes to people that are different than us.  I’m sorry to say that that world includes people that I once considered siblings but rather or some twisted and sick individuals driven by greed; i’m sorry that that also included other members of my family that perhaps thought no harm, no foul in doing a quick favor here or there in contributing to what has been conspired acts at attempting to cover up white-collar financial crimes and fraud and in turn retaliation and public corruption, all because I’m a non-messianic Jewish homosexual who married a man I love. 

The fact that I’m someone that hold steadfast to my values only in turn made these people become even uglier as they become scared because they were caught onto and so that made them decide in fear to start to attempt to scare me, and begin to set up scenarios attempting to make me look like a felon, drug dealer, child molestor, an indigent of society, when in fact it probably takes an indigent of society to come up with such plans.
Today I can actually say is the first time I’m not only hopeful for 2017, but I can say that I love my mom and appreciate even more fully what a mothers love means.  I can also say thank you John, and I’m sorry for not seeing her looking deeper beneath the surface, happy New Year, ‘Peter Pan’!  

And a happy new year and sincere thanks for your continued on-going encouragement, outreach and source of strength for me:  my dearest aunt, TJ, Marty, Glenn, Ms Weiss, Sharon,  Steve Danka, Karen, & John M, Mrs Marino and Ms Soriano 


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