What the “f” for

It’s moments in life like now, Where I wish I could roll the calendar back to July 29, 2011, erasing the hurt, confusion, pain and struggle to find answers to questions that I could but only make assumptions.

I’ve been stripped of my spirit, I’ve been stripped of my financial independence, I’ve been stripped of my confidence; no husband or best friend to lean on,; I isolate myself in the world of 1,  because people have very little time and or interest to even understand what I’ve been put through and what has occurred and now I face the world shouldn’t be without a person I call my mother, alone.

The answer to what the fuck for lies in the still unknown question of why?  The only thing I can someone make heads or tails of is that the people that have created the ripples for which are my affair done so because they live in our constantly without purpose in ever being able to answer what the fuck for in coming to peace with their soul and reckoning of their lives, a misery they must live every minute of every day of their life,

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