Jokes on me ?!

I know that this has been the title of the prior blog entry I can’t help but feel that the joke is on me. I can’t help but feel that everybody else knew or knows what I’ve been greater part of more than two years digging through to try to make sense of something beyond devastating and emotionally crippling for me.

As I believe the Final and last pieces of this puzzle will unfold in the coming weeks, i’m starting to feel that my husband was as best he could always being true to me, that even the judge created a buffer scenario for the disingenuous.  In the end, I’m still left questioning why did the dorm necessary, what benefit anyone saw in the hurt and pain that it caused, the misperceptions it created and The unraveling and uncovering and very bad and unspeakable behavior of family members.

Am I that easy of a scapegoat and one that others get such enjoyment and a laugh at my expense or anxiousness?

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  1. Brian, we cannot always know the answer to why things happen. I believe these things happen because Hashem has brought us to this place, so that we can learn from it.Even though right now you may not see the lesson. What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger. I really believe that. I too have been through a lot in my life.

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