Life has a funny way of laughing back at you

Last December 2015 as routine medical follow up to a stroke I suffered in September 2014, a CT-scan apparently cited a dissection having occurred to my Supraclinoid internal carotid artery extending into the left MCA.  Back last March I consulted a vascular surgeon Who was of the opinion not do anything because even of the proximity to the brain, surgical stenting would be a procedure itself delicate and with risks.

A CT Scan taken yesterday shows this same artery is 95% blocked.
In English –  one of the main arteries that brings blood to/from my brain is 95% blocked.  

IRONYthe CT scan was taken in an emergency room in a Manhattan hospital and get the main ER physician impressed upon me the urgency to seek immediate follow up for this discovery, yet because I did not present with symptoms resulting from that itself, he could not directly initiate medical attention to the matter.  i.e. Stroking, vegetative or brain dead.

One would have thought that I would’ve spent today on the phone getting an appointment with a vascular surgeon, but somehow today just seemed to slip past me, and I didn’t call and I’m not sure why.  I’m more puzzled at how life is either laughing with me or at me at times without even knowing why.

Kinda the same bewilderment at a doctor telling you in one breath something urgent in the pushing you off to be someone else’s problem.

Perhaps I’m trying to push the problem off altogether? Idk.

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