Homey Don’t Play That

So I’ve received this “so called stipulation” and I think the image says it all.  Apparently 3 “additional” dockets add themselves to a “file” when in fact to my knowledge only 2 Order of Protection petitions were ever filed in Suffolk County….  what are magically appearing 3 additional files or am I to assume two have to do with a Kings County filing?

Lastly, withdrawing petition then does away with evidence that my “husband” and his attorney (corrupt dirty bastard) perjured themselves in securing a “refrain from order of protection” dating back to September 2014 where in fact money WAS being hidden to the tune of at minimum $37,000 a year (no, I’m not crazy) AND further such withdrawal does away with any LAWFUL reason to preclude me from my own home and possessions which was done by a corrupt Justice (David T Reilly) nearly 2.5 yrs so far…
THEREFORE, any such stipulation will address such preclusion or I ain’t signing shit cause


Further homey don’t play that I need to vest myself as part of a mortgage fraud to get my hard earned money out of my house… period! SORRY CORRUPT JUSTICE CARLA E CRAIG AND TRUSTEE RICHARD J MCCORD

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