If actions of a sociopath don’t speak volumes 

Fast forward to Valentines Day, out of 60 days to choose sending court papers having to do with a divorce for which not one paper,  guess what arrived today….  ironic not one document or statement has been turned over because essentially my husband and mother-in-law with their church cronies have committed (yet again) mortgage fraud; your spouse uses nearly 13 aliases in check writing and moving funds from account to account (all turned over and in possession with the FBI including all 2003 and 2006 mortgage fraud documents and past and present mortgages)

It says and speaks volumes just like sending a pipe of lies and crap in a motion response on Christmas Eve…  was it says is a person has no pure positive traits but pure evil to want to be hurtful.  Yet left in my apartment during one of the breakin’s, a “book” that I’ve never seen before, which contains pictures pre-wedding and excepts text containing innuendo post wedding and insinuating exactly what I’ve been suggesting “a crime being committed” with such references as “partners in crime”, “dynamic duo” etc.

How much does one hurt someone else without becoming ridiculous already.

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