Supporting evidence mounts

One of the triggering events that brought front and center what is now quite clearly disingenerous undertakings by individuala whom due to my fathers first marriage are termed half-siblings but for whom by their own actions establish blood is not always thicker than water…
This past summer my vehicle went missing apparently towed. By initial records the reasoning being a 3 day lapse in insurance then out of no where surprisingly it appears I have driving offenses yet that don’t event match DMV computers.  As you can surmise from these records themselves even ownership and addresses on documents dont suddenly match records that a Sylvia Colin (the half-siblings foreign x-wife) an employee from the DMV, now with the NYC Dept of Finance apprently took upon herself to draw up and have my half-sister Renee text to me to tell me “they found the car”…   What a smoke screen horse of bull  that has clearly unraveled incriminating these “siblings” as contributing individuals in what continues to evolve as an evangelical christian hatecrime involving acts of identity theft, fraud,public corruption, mortgage and insuance frauds and grand larceny among other clear felonies.

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