Give someone enough rope… eventually they hang themselves

If you all remember this blog post where I finally began to realize that the madness behind my reality involved underhanded and dispicable participation from my half-siblings …

Well it appears that they continue at it however hanging themselves out to dry only reinforcing a making it more obvious of their involvement and building up more evidence against themselves.

Over the weekend I received a notice once again from the NYC Department of Finance (employer for the half-brothers “wife” Sylvia) who in the past took it upon herself to rub my driving records etc. 
this notice claims that there are three violations in collection with issue dates of Jan 3, Jan 4 and Jan 5….

Sorry to inform the morons I was hospitaled those days but good try!!!!  Further OnStar reports locate the vehicle locked in a Con Edison parking facility those days… Ironic employer of the half-brother Philip, and Sylvia’s “husband”

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