Continues to get more Bizarre 

Today I ran into long time friends of the family (50+ years worth) who for the third instance of encounters in the past month with people were of the impression that I was living and occupying the Huntington, Long Island home my husband and I purchased in October 2012.  

Needless to say I haven’t seen the likes of the inside of this home since December 11, 2014 by an “oral directive” from the bench by Long Island Supreme Court Justice David T Reilly absent any formal hearing, physical assault and in fact prior to such oral directive giving me 48-hours to “pack and go” having signed making returnable an Order to Show cause where I sought exclusive use and occupancy yet fast forward to June 23, 2015 and in an ironic coordination with the Eastern District Bankruptcy court issues an obscurely worded “Pendente Lite” order awarding my husband continued exclusive use and occupancy of the home.

Now call me crazy but something doesn’t sound kosher here, together with local neighbors reporting mid-day install of hidden video camera in trees on the premises, doesn’t sound like my husband’s even living in the house either but all in all something doesn’t add up.

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