if it smells like it… 

The ironies that all start to fold into one another when

1.   6 out of the 7 Denker off-spring suddenly all  attend evangelical churches 

2.  Your farther flatout lies to your mother about “not even saying two words to his x-wife” at your own wedding

3. Your father’s X-wife’s last name is “Young” and your spouses’ name is “Youngs”

4.  you discover a falsified mortgage document filed for your home interchanging “Youngs” to “Young”

5.  One of the forged checks you discover in your checking account for which your mother-in-law forged your husbands name and your sister cashed is also within days of an apparent threat from your other sister coincidentally referring to a sum of $40k.  Worth noting the email exchange was provided to me by my mother and prefaced with telling me “do what you gotta do”

6. Similarly the same repetitive $40k referred to by a so called friend concluding “you’ll never win, there’s too many of us christians”

7.  and who ironically makes reference to “putting my mother in a hospital”.  worth noting on June 1, 2017 my mother was rushed to Woodhull Hospital with toxic levels of dixogin in her blood, a medication she only took once a day

8.  Your catch your father trying to impress upon your mother’s ICU physician that “i have psychological issues” preceeded by the next day once your mother’s off a respirator and starting to be able to speak, your father calls you oustide your mother’s hospital room and tries to convince you that your mother is senile, when she is certainly not!!

9. Your mother rescinds her DNR in front of Dr. Tun and two physicians telling them to do what ever they have to in order to keep her alive and yet two days later your mother has a DNR bracellet around her wrist that your father and sister instructed the hospital to do against your mothers own wishes.

10. Your sister causes a physical altercation and has an order of protection against her issued by a court, and a police investigation and suddenly the hospital has a restriction prohibiting you from visiting your own mother…

11. two of your own vehicles go MiA and with apparent falsification of  NYC Dept of Finance Violations for which your half-brothers wife works for and has readibly available your driving record at her disposal

12.  this same half-brother together with your father suddenly appear on scene of 3 dying “long lost cousins” deciding to probate wills since these cousins all had sizable estates and hell why should charity get the money they were left when there’s salvating cousin’s alive?!?

13.  Your father closely and strangely befriends a neighborhood family clan for which one one of the brother’s is a detective that worked years with his “x-wife” … “Young”

14. Suddenly your father knows the whereabouts of your iphone which you get back hacked and he continually reminds you to make sure you take your phone every chance he sees it. 

15.  You discover a ton of your hospital bands in a shoe box with rhetoric about going to “meet your god”

16.  Your father suddenly keeps aimlessly walking around threatening to have you arressted (on what charge id still like some clarification)…

17. Your father’s outlook suddenly is that he has “nothing to live for”

Id say there’s a whole lotta explaining that needs to happen! 

I’d say someone grabbed onto someones balls and hasnt let go

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