When your mother’s response is eye opening…

On June 17, 2017, approximately 24 hours after being taken off a respirator and extubated, I informed my mother that upon her admission June 1, 2017 to Woodhall Hospital in Williamsburg Brooklyn she presented in acute distress, not breathing and with toxic levels of dixogin in her blood… 

A surprising reaction from her in response was 

I had a feeling

this is from a woman that like clockwork tested her blood sugar 4x a day and carried around incillin with cold packs when she traveled out of the house ; hence a woman who knew quite well how to take her medicine. 

Of particulr question is on this so called day of June 1, 2017 my sister strangely enough was home from work because she “wasn’t feeling well” and apparently began CPR on my mom despite her heart still beating…?!?

Appropriately enough Office of the New York State Department of the Aging is now investigating potentional Elder Abuse.

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