In all routed evil, love  honesty and true genuiness will always triumph and evil will always get whats coming

 All battles of good over evil, love over hate will always win because that is what is meant in name or belief in one’s G-D.

i am standingg outside Woodhull Hospital since 5:30am beig refused access to my mother while evil doers graple at straws to atempt to cover up and convince themselves of good in what are their very own evil injustices that include as is well documented ans evidenced by print on paper, so allow me this opportunity to say Thank you for what you have done for me and that is to realize and hope my husband deep down knows the truly loving, devoted and honest man my mother raised and always taught me to be for which i know i made her proud and that i failed to live up to as a husband in my own time of self-doubt and fear but for which i know i made my mother proud of because she even let me know when i was being in her eyes “too diffilcult of a spouse”

but thank you for tonight, as tonight is when im informed by a post on facebook that my mother is having surgery this morning and upon immediately gettig to the hospital at 5am, im refushed access to Woodhull Hospital by barely sober Hospital “Cops” holding a washed out color “mugshot of me, someone who’s never been arressted or charged with a crime to my knowledge and even refused a copy of it no less not even allowed to go be with mommy so our mother isnt alone as she goes into surgery after spending the past 30 days on life support…

well lets do some fact checking – last i checked:
1. Mommy is and was still awake, alert and oriented and NOT dead yet therefore you’ve taken away her voice, her independence, her rights and denied the woman the right to make known her own wishes including for her to make a choose if she wanted to see her son or not

2. under the care of you all, thats right Darlene AND Stanley Denker this same woman presented to Woodhull Hospital not breathing June 1 where you had her already dead impressig upon 911 that you had to start “CPR” on a woman whos heart was STILL beating June 1, 2017 but immediately presented having TOXIC levels of dixogin in her blood

3. unsolicited testiment of a third party stranger and your “fellow christian” who has never met mommy some three months ago, alleged that “all of my sibilings put my mother in the hospital” and “almost killed her” in an apparent pitiful attempt to “stop her” since she apprently found out of your very soon to be trials and tribulations to be held accountable for all because you have ugly insides filled with greed and hate for what is an evangelical christian hate crime very much under investigation committed against me AND my HUSBAND!

4. the same so-called twin sister calling the same idle threats for three years now in writing no less when other than being a  nyc board of education reject fired as an educator for grabbing a kid and inappropriate conduct in the classroom, you now have a stay away order of protection issued against you hanging over your head by the Kings County Family Court AND an open NYPD Domestic Incident Report you are the named suspect and subject of a NYS Department of Aging Elder Abuse Investigation.

5. then theres oddly enough dad who can not decide from one day to the next which tale to carry on a prticular day 1) a phony tale that i have psychological problems (when if you truly were genuinely interested in anyone else but yourself you would know im walking around with a carotid dissection and 2 cerebral annureysms not to mention my spine being all metal from L3 into my hips but thats ok day, im a big boy i still wake up in the morning) or your tale # 2) your wife of 49years who has been fighting and struggling exhauvstively for a month now to stay allive is senile after having spent 94 days in a nursing facility because the real real was it was the only place she felt absolutely safe and medicaly held for no other reason but she bindged on cookies and cake all night.  what you witnessed was a woman depressed by what became known to her all on her own for which she deserved much better after 49 years! 

6. now lets look at last august where i apparently was missing for two days held at Woodhull Hospital under the presumed name Ryan Young but miraculously “Stanley Denker” shows up and knew where i was. reality check that actually afforded me the opportunity to be briefed and i was informed as to all of my “siblings involvement” much to my surprise not your perceived reverse accussing me aimlessly of looking to lay blame

Id say theres definitely some shit going on and i can now say i now know what  mother meant each and everytime these past months she has made the statement to me “you do what you have to do” over and over.  i also now more than ever can absolutely thank you all of validating to me that i am a son that made my mother proud and kept to the virtues shes instilled in me to always be honest, hardworking and always tell the truth, something not one of you even try to come close to being and that mommy deserved for the sacrafice and effort she tried to give thebest she was capable of giving us
BUT HERE IS WHAT YOUVE ALL REALLY DONE and truly is a cherished gift for me, youve helped teach me the most valuable lesson of my life that ive spent the past 24 waking hours realizing and coming up to speed on after my former attorney turned over court 4 boxes of “divorce court files” which ive never ever bestowed my eyes onto in three years while begging me to sign a 3-page release of liability for any and all claims against her since there was and is a shakedown a coming and started yeaterdat…!!! those lessons are as follows:  
1. Ive never been more wrong in my life than i have been in the past three years and that the most courageous and genuine,  people i have ever known or have been blessed to be loved by in my life is my mother and my husband who against odds he shielded me from never having even known, held his head up high and walked down and aisle and married me calling me his husband while i jetsetted around the world building a career wanting to make him proud when i was only failing as a husband because i never realized how proud i should have been of him.  with what you all personify as christian righteousness, my husband has spent a lifetime of abuse and rejection when all he deserved and yearned for was loce and acceptance and validation of the good man he is, yet rejected and chastised he held his head high and continued to rise to the occassion amd be the good man he is and show how  radically sick, misguided and roothless some of the members of your “evangelical church” that all 6 of my siblings partake “in secrecy”  and for whom ruthless seek out to destory an innocent mans life whos only crime was not giving his husband the opportunity to speak and be heard in a time of fear and hurt and confusion for me. but for which you all jumped onto the gravy train seeking to cash in on!!
Well you are all also very right about this… there is a g-d and he will being watching over my mother this mornig and he will ensure my mother has the peace, rest and love and comfort she so desperately deserves in this existence and to what ever end that is his plan on the other side of today” you my dear sibligs, each and everyone of you in mommy’s own words g-d will give onto you an exact blessing of you and may that be inscribed in his book for what due you in this life.

and just before you make your prayer to JC this morning, here’s my contribution as you term “the family aggravation”… remember this… 

the last words i had the gift of hearing out of mommy’s mouth when i saw her last week and  i told her i loved was to get a kiss and words mommy never said  they “i love you” and THANK YOU” two words tou never heard mommu say! 

after spending 5 hours arguing for the unsanitary conditions and filthpot of a “private room” while you sat with you feet up on her bed and complained about having to list to a woman’s aganoy from vaccum straped seal tight to her face keeping her alive and spread disgusting allegations of your father “puttingg the moves on you” a seeminngly dispicable reocurring allegation of the Applebaum / Denker female offspring.
So thank you for helping me to be even better and more of the son that mommy proud!

Have a blessed day!

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