And my answer would still be “Yes, I Do” 

What is approaching what would have been our 6 year anniversary more and more of evident truths keep surfacing, but in retrospect of the past three years, the corruption, the disingenuous hate crime of the born again evangelicals behind what has occurred, ill will and deception by members of my own family that call themselves “siblings”, my answer would still be “yes” and “I do.”

In the last two weeks alone:

1.  The sitting matrimonial justice was removed from Suffolk county matrimonial cases after nearly three years infront of this judge that has cared about anything but facts, the truth or litigants before him.

2. My divorce attorney Natasha Meyers decides it’s time to release my file to me (after holding it hostage for three years) with the caveat of signing a 4 page release of claim promising to never sue her for anything from the beginning of time to the end of time 

3. Our home has been listed for sale not withstanding the fact that I haven’t seen the inside of which since December 11, 2014 due to a lying scumbag attorney and dishonest judge

All facts and documents pointing to my husband and I both dragged through a court system being divorced by Justice David Reilly, Louis Simonetti, the State of New York, the Church, everyone but divorcing each other.

My husband and I both agreed and executed stipulations agreeing to live together yet ignored by the attorney and judge instead I was ejected by a non-appeable directive off the bench and given 48 hours to leave my own home like a criminal.

I have taken several days to read nearly hundred plus letters written by my mother in law containing threats,  messages of hatred and disdain  for homosexuals written to my husband over the course of twenty plus years and read through some of his own research over the years just trying to find acceptance and love in being Christian in gay. 

Until now I hadn’t ever really read these letters and honestly I failed to live up to being a proud and good husband in so far as the fact my husband put on a tuxedo, walked down and aisle to marry me and called me his husband is one of the most courageous acts anyone has done for me with what he was up against and I should have been prouder and understood better what he was actually up against.

So while these last three years have been lonely, isolating, discouraging and painful my answer to whether I would have married my husband and do it all over again would still be “yes, I do promise to love you like I’d never live again with everything I am.”

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