An Open Response to Such Letters and Rhetoric

Over the course of the past few days I’ve sat down to really read through these hundreds of pages of rhetoric filled with misguided beliefs and accusations about homosexuals, about a woman’s own son who is one of the finest and strongest men I’ve met in my life who gets up with a smile on his face every morning that lights up a room when in the background such disgust is wrongly being drilled into his head…
So I will say this about the churches beliefs, such attempts at punishing “us sinners” and breaking our spirits which is just as “g-d” filled even more with love and compassion then that of your g-dly beliefs:

1.  Absence makes the heart grow even fonder.

2.  I love my husband even more today then I did six years ago when he courageously chose love over your hate

3. Your son has not hidden his beliefs or faith, and in fact in support of that which means so much to him, I worked hard to try to create memorable and meaningful Christmases, proudly introduced and sat next to “my husband” having tea at your sacred garden tomb

4. To further show such support in loving a gay Christian man, I walked into Church on Sundays by my husbands side to support him in his simple and important desire to be accepted as a Gay Christian Man and I would do it again tomorrow if he asked!

So in the darkness for which such hatred permeates by ink on a page, more admiration and love flourishes for such love and strength is truly what unconditional love is!!!

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