Madame Marie

I’ve never really been a superticous person; ambivalent to the magical, mystical realm of psychics, and tarot card readers, fortune tellers et al.

Today my cousin Michelle took me to have my palm read and tarot cards read while we were down in Asbury Park soaking up some sun…  I’d have to say an experience it was… walked out with tissues in hand and tears rolling down the sides of my face but my heart a bit lighter in what was said.

She seemed to know or pick up on my mom, my own health issues, thoughts of recent of a change/move I’ve been contemplating, and my trials and tribulations of the last few years.  It also brought up a lot of which as of late I’ve had self-doubt or questioned for myself which she had answers for without even bringing them up, this all led me to think about the following which today kinda reinforced for me.

A good friend I consider very dear not too long ago, (in trying to reassure me in my one of what seems to be many moments of doubt lately) offered me advice of “go with what you know”.  In a midst of the craziness I term “my reality”, I suppose I’ve lost some sight of “going with what I know.” 

When I stop and pause for a bit, and go with what I know, there is nothing real for me to fear but fear itself. There are (as Madam Marie explained) many angels (including my mom) around me, helping for what I have been struggling through is a path that right now has to be what it is, until “this one last shoe drops” (as she put it). All for which is for my safety and the love which does exist around me near and afar.

Apparently there is still pieces to this puzzle of “my reality” that for now are sworn to secrecy which though I might have sensed or picked up on, are what they are on purpose again for my own good and not for me to doubt negatively which I may have recently or unfairly done of late. 

I also guess that this entire blog entry is probably something I will be just about the only person who can look back and understand / comprehend rationally what is being said here but I suppose that’s ok to, as one day in time when I should look back to re-read these perhaps it will only reinforce for me my strength, perseverance, endurance, love, compassion and faith showing where I was and how far I come, and where I will go.

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