NYS Department of Health Complaints Against Filthpot Woodhull Hospital

Last week I formally filed complaints against Williamsburg. Brooklyn filthpot Woodhull Hospital, a member of the New York Health & Hospitals Corportation for among many reasons:

1. Failing to report to authorities the presenting of a patient in acute distress with toxic levels of medication found in her blood (my mother) for which I have had to notify and alert the state to such condition to the New York State Office of the Aging Elder Abuse Unit

2. On June 12, 2017 blood soiled gauge pads, open sharps and multiple breathing apartuses found touching the floor for which this facility was putting on my mother's face not even a week after she tested positive for MRSA.

3. Since June 14, 2017 I have been refused visitation and information on my mother who is still hospitalized at this facility with the simple reasoning of "you know what you did".  The facilities employee by the name of Karen Moore appears to walk around changing a sheet of paper notating such restriction but refusing to provide a copy of any formal restriction despite my formal request for such in writing to Hospital administration and Associate Director of Patient Relations Anthony DeJesus so I may proceed with filing legal action against the medical facility.

Thus now we turn to the New York State Department of Health to respond to such unlawful acts of the filthpot medical facility known as Woodhull Hospital 

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