51 days and counting – & more

On June 1, 2017 after making a 911 call and my sister (magically home from work this day) citing that she needed to start CPR (on a woman who's heart was still beating) my mother presents to Woodhull Hospital found to have toxic levels of dixogin (a heart medication my mother took one pill once a day of). That same day my mother is placed on a respirator with a DNR in place.

On June 9, 2017, my mother was extubated (taken off the respirator) awake and alert and oriented.

On June 10, 2017, I informed my mother of such toxic levels of dixogin in her blood to receive a response of "I had a feeling". (I'd say not the new response one would reasonably expect from an individual who inadvertently took too much of a medication you took one pill once a day of.

On June 11, 2017, I'm greeted at the hospital by my father who suggested my mother was "senile". That same day in front of myself, Dr. Tun and another resident and an attending my mother verbally retracted her DNR telling doctors to do what they have to in order to keep her alive.

On June 13, 2017 at around 8:30am my mother is placed back on a respirator and I'm notified by a cousin some three hours later around 11:30am. Upon appearing at the hospital there is an altercation where my sister decided (as she so freely feels free to do and did back in Jan 2017 outside of NYU) decides to throw a punch and hit me. At around 12:30/1:00pm I called NYPD to the hospital, a domestic incident report is filed at 2:05pm and later that day the Kings County Criminal Court issues an order of protection against my sister and thereafter on June 14, 2017 the Kings County Family Court reissues and extends the Order of Protection against my sister with said petition documenting such occurrences including toxic levels of dixogin which I want and have a right to know why and how this happened to my mother. Worth noting a new DNR bracelet placed back on my mother after just two days earlier my mother verbally rescinded such DNR.

Upon arrival June 14, 2017 to Woodhull Hospital I'm informed a restriction is now in place which precludes me from being able to visit with my mother, refused any documentation or paperwork which displays such restriction in place and simply told "You know what you did". Leaving me no choice such is reported to 311 and in fact a case and file has now been opened by the New York State Department of the Aging Elder Abuse Unit for their client Maxine Denker.

Further filed with the Kings County family court is an application for the courts intervention regarding such restriction and to extend the order of protection for which the family court directed me to proceed to the Supreme Court or Surrogate Court to proceed which I have yet to do.

On June 15, 2017 while attending my nephew's elementary school graduation my sister receives a text message via Facebook from another sister stating "we have to make a decision soon to turn machines off" just four days after my mother verbally rescinded her DNR in front of two residents and an attending at Woodhull hospital.

On June 29, 2017 by a Facebook posting of my other sister I learn my mother is being scheduled for a tracheotomy on June 30, 2017. Immediately at 5am on June 30, 2017 I arrive at Woodhull demanding to see my mother and am greeted my hospital police who have a washed out computer printout of a photo of me refusing to allow me up to see my mother before surgery. That same morning I'm served with an Order of Protection (not even a response to the original orders issued on June 13 and 14) belatedly filed some two weeks later by the same offending suspect and respondent sister who spent the day before such surgery for my mother in Kings County Family court rather then at my mothers bedside.

On July 5, 1017 sadly in defense of myself I'm forced to filed a response to such rife filed with the court modifying a temporary Order of Protection so g-d forbid I can be in attendance at my own mother's funeral due to this temporary order of protection issued by false statements made by my sister (a crime in fact in the state of New York), and in fact don't even recount events properly including days and times of occurrences easily backed up with NYPD reports where this sister is identified as the offending suspect provided in such defense and on record with the court.

Fast forward to today, it is now July 21, 2017, 51 days later since this all began…

1. No one has any concrete idea if my mother is even awake or not except that a tracheotomy was performed on June 30, 2017 (so my mother's ability to eat and communicate have now been completely taken away from her).

2. I'm still refused any information when calling about my mothers condition and in fact the hospital has failed to respond to numerous requests from new for formal documentation which "restricts my ability to visit with my mom" so that I can commence legal action against the facility.

3. The question still remains unanswered of how my mother wound up with toxic levels of dixogin in her blood, one pill taken once a day found upon her presenting to the ER at Woodhull hospital on June 1 2017 occurred.

4. I've had to file complaints against Woodhull with the New York State Department of Health regarding such matters, no one can apparently get a straight story on my mothers condition from my sisters who seem to shut down and suddenly refuse to share information with other family members who both consistently are inquiring and even questioning why stories seems to keep changing on my mother's condition deferring family to "call dad" (worth noting my farther is hard of hearing and such progressed to the extent he doesn't hear the phone ring).

5. My sister's all seem to be having a jolly old time driving around town to car karaoke of "Desperado" or needing to "treat themselves" while presumably my mother is still in an unknown state or condition for the rest of us.

So now comes decision time of whether I go forward to petition to become my mothers guardian to ensure my beloved mother is in fact not suffering, comfortable and all is in fact being done in her best interest OR does the b.s. and secrecy stop and someone start being factual and transparent on what the hell is going on with this poor woman.

Such is the response that my blog, statement of FACTS above yield:

But please note to those who may share such sentiments, I by our federal government have had in response to the Social Security Disability Administration by their own doctors both psychological and medical evaluations within the past twelve months and am happy to post the results publicly and guess what Ain't anything psychologically wrong with me. I don't need to be committed but certainly answers to very rational questions above need to be answered!!!

And furthermore, of such is nothing more than a "sickos" rant, please tell me why you keep reading and following my blog
Also quite interesting that while such acts seemingly appeared to be that of my husband for which appear to have been wrongly placed my siblings didn't care about my blog simply reinforcing to me "HE DID THIS TO YOU"…. until the truth started coming out

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