Key Questions & Inquiries

As I await a final court order from Judges Chambers for the Supreme Court of the State of New York on a Petition for Guardianship over my dear mother which raises many questions as to the care and company around her, more and more questions by the day that I believe will require some answering and need to be subpoenaed:

1- June 1, 2017 Audio recording of the call made to 911
Each and every other time my mother has needed to be removed to the hospital a call to the private "Jewish" ambulance service of Hatzolah was made. Why on this morning was 911 called instead?

2- June 1, 2017 Emergency Medical Services Pre-hospital Care Report (PCR)

on every job EMS maintains a prehospital care report (PCR) which is been signed off by the hospital. This PCR contains primary and secondary assessments including a scene survey i.e. what did responding EMS workers witness upon arrival onto scene.

Since my sister apparently notified EMS and hospital that she needed to begin CPR on a woman's heart who is still beating, did EMS personnel arrive onto scene and witness my mother being given CPR?

It is alleged that my father talked of EMS needing to carry my mother into the living room on a sheet to get her out of the bedroom. How was that done?

How and where was CPR then being administered? You could not administer CPR on an individual in a bed you would've had to move them to the floor or stratal on top of them in the bed as a bed is not a hard surface and your compressions would not be effective. For those that have met my sister you know that my sister is between 220 to 250 pounds and apparently has problems with her back and feet there's no way she would've been able to stratal my mother in a bed.

Further there is no dispute whatsoever that on June 1, 2017, my mom did have a DNR that she executed and therefore, why would someone begin CPR in the first place especially claiming to be her health surrogate? Clearly then my mother's wishes were not respected IF in fact there was the administering of CPR!!!

3- June 1, 2017 Primary and Secondary ER Patient Assessments

After about 90 minutes working on my mother, doctors came out requesting that all of her medication be brought to the emergency room as they found toxic levels of the cardiac glycoside prescription drug Digoxin in her blood.

Was this in fact reported as is required under New York State law?

Did hospital staff find my mother's fingertips to have abrasions and cuts on them as I have photographs of my mother's hands from June 13, 2017 with her fingertips having cuts and abrasions on them after taken a restraint mitt off of her left hand. Important to note that nothing was to be done on my mother's left arm anyway given the removal of lymph node's after a subsequent 2008 double mastectomy. Where did those cuts and abrasions come from?

4- Medical reports and blood work from May 2017 physician visits

My mother was first released from a nursing facility April 25, 2017 after being at rehab for some 92 days.

During the month of May my mother had to see her normal physicians including Dr. Smith and would be assumed to have had blood work taken during the period of time.

It would be interesting to compare the blood work to that which was taken upon admittance June 1, 2017 given that there had been likely no change in prescription drugs over the course of that month.

5- Entire Patient record maintained by Woodhull Hospital

With the flip-flopping, removal addition removal authorization for a tracheotomy i.e. artificial respiration, it would be interesting to see the hospitals notations on how they recorded and who was making these requests for removal and addition of such DNR's etc.

While some boast that my mother has a private room at Woodhall Hospital, one should note that there are only but private rooms in this facility if you've ever seen the building that's why it so we elongated.

Despite there being a critical care unit on the 8th floor, my mother has been kept in a surgical ICU on the 9th floor across the hall from a "chemical dependency lockdown unit" since June 13, 2017 and not their standard critical care intensive care unit. A bit ODD, don't you think?

If there truly is a valid DNR in place why was the woman given a tracheotomy? A tracheotomy would in fact be counter intuitive to a person's mindset and wishes having effected a DNR. Yet, a tracheotomy was done, this woman's ability to speak and taken away and yet a DNR bracelet is still on her wrist…. this makes absolutely no logical sense!

Upon being initially extubated June 9, 2017 and respiratory therapist considering my mother stabilized enough for an interfacility transfer to NYU Langone medical center Who previously treated her in April 2016 and January 2017 for similar problems, why was such transfer not even entertained and refused immediately. Matter-of-fact in your suggestion of such yielded a huge blowup of yelling and screaming by father in front of my aunt… with no reason as to why he even got so angry at the suggestion….

And lastly such medical record should shed light on such restrictions that prohibits me from visiting my mother that nobody apparently seems to be willing to document in writing.

Keeping in mind the following statements made by David Kniazuk because I'll tell you what, inspector Clouseau has probably put all the pieces together and in fact David's statements are more than likely correct and true. None of this has anything to do with a divorce between my husband and I, rather a sick hate crime by the evangelical church inclusive of my siblings who mysteriously and secretively six out of the seven Denker kids go to church. Nobody thought I was going to be able to piece this all together as all of them kept pointed fingers at my poor husband. Now makes sense why my father in the December started walking around that he had nothing to live for; my sister Renée has long disgustingly accused my father of reprehensible acts for which my father is not capable of and yet this very December my sister Sharon started making statements that my sister Darlene confided in her and made those same similar allegations. My father walking around threatening to have me thrown in jail isn't literal rather my sisters are walking around threatening to put him in jail if he doesn't do what they tell them. Hence why my mother was so vehemently advising me for months to "do what I gotta to do". May investigations continue and make you all, siblings or not rot behind bars if any of this is in fact true

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