When the unearthed truth get them running scared that they start digging their own hole!!

Today I received the following type written letter in the mail for which is my father's signature, however the handwriting on the envelope which is has no return address (coward) is not that of my fathers penmanship. Not to mention, this is not a legal form of an affidavit, it's missing a verification, there are typos and grammatical errors… Fact is my father does not use a computer to type such things and in fact, is written without full disclosure and knowledge of the entire cause of action (talk about putting your foot in your mouth), thereby a clear and evident move in fact that people are running scared…. and I ain't so wrong as the truth surfaces and the pieces are all coming together!

And in fact only goes to further support the fact that there is something desperately wrong here.

On July 25, 2017, I did in fact file a petition for guardianship in the Supreme Court of the State of New York County of Kings requesting that a court evaluator be appointed to review the allegations as put forward in my verified petition for Guardianship and subsequent post of
Key Questions & Inquiries

And while I'm waiting for the court to send back the signed documents which according to the clerk takes up to two weeks, whoever authored this and influenced my father to sign this, just stepped themself into a hole of their own shit, so that they can lay in their own shit because of the requested relief before the courts pending the courts execution of an order show cause actually request that my father and I jointly be appointed my mothers guardians and in fact the allegations are none against my father in the actual petition. Hence more evidence to keep digging your own holes.

So now I guess the search is underway for the mysterious third person engaged in this BS i.e. who's penmanship is on the front of this envelope…. more for the authorities, and dept of aging elder abuse unit and their investigations…. kudos to you! Well done!

Oh and by the way…. it's "DenkerYoungs" not "Denker Youngs"….!

cuts discovered on my mother's left hand when removing her mittens. Due to lymph-nodes removed back in 2008, there is a restriction of nothing on the left arm, so how did this happen ??

Now lets re-focus back on the following facts:

June 14th – The "disowning" parent confides in the cousin and cousin's boyfriend "it's not Brian, it's the other one in the other room" during their in person visit to my parents house (referring to the same sister referenced in this attempt at an "affidavit").

June-July – Flip-flopping back-and-forth accusations of a psychiatrist needing to come and valuate my mom permeate regular updates from my sister to the rest of the family members, while my dad attempts to suggest to people that I have psychological issues or while this coming from someone fired from the New York City Board of Education for the city of New York for a psychological breakdown in the classroom and for inappropriately hitting a kid.

July 23- my 56 year old cousin places a call to my 82year old aunt to get an update on my mother's condition.

July 26- via text msg exchange my sister attempts to verbally reprimand my cousin for calling my aunt for which my cousin response naturally being a 56 year old Woman not to tell her what to do for which my sister then responds "well Craig will put an end to that"… ironic my sister pulls in third-party people for which my cousin obviously contacted my cousin Craig to let him know about this interaction.

All I got to say, such actions speak louder than words!!!!

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