When the end doesn’t justify the means….

When the end don't justify the means… you only expose the truth for what it is…. people with something to hide that are in fact running scared

Yet circulation of such "disownment" misstates the actual reality, it would appear im not the "crazy one" out of touch with reality!!

Nonetheless quite the position to take below when one's "father" is actually included in the relief requested in being appointed "jointly" and "together". ….. things that make you go hmmm!!

Let us keep in mind:

The unnerving this blog does for some despite it being my First Amendment right and those that read it, choose to click that link and choose to visit the blog and choose to read it for which they become unnerved by it. No one forces anyone to view it's protected content!

Then their is a third party allegation / admission suggesting ALL 6 of my siblings involved in what I've termed "my reality" of the past 3 years!!

The history and connection between everyone involved

Outright nastiness, bitterness and resentment of some which should be care, cause and concern for my beloved mother who is suffering

Then there's the economics, forged checks two days before the first emergence of this magic sum of $40,000 in a threatening doctored up text/email exchange which appears to be a common theme throughout… this involving 2 sisters in each

And then the miraculous kept secret that's unearthed… all but yours truly despite being raised in the Jewish faith, all now praise and consider their divine beliefs are rooted in the "Big J.C."…..

And then there the fact… I kissed a man and MARRIED HIM

For which is an apparent NO NO according to the BIG J.C….

And then the added why

And so is solved the big mystery!!!

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