The moment you’re told what in your gut you already knew

Last weekend, my cousins and I went to another highly recommended psychic/fortuneteller/Picture reader.

Both of my cousins went first and each of them found the woman to be beyond accurate telling them very detailed things that this woman would not have known about them. For my cousin to walk out in tears says alot.

It was then shortly there after my turn to go in and I've never experienced what's referred to as this picture reading but had pictures of at least four different people which all remaining namesless…

By the end of my session with Amanda the psychic, she herself had tears rolling down her face telling me you must go to the police, reinforcing to me what I already knew or suspected, telling me I also must go to my mom's side as my mom is waiting for me to come in order to pass peacefully.

She reinforced that people are going to go to jail and that in fact I needed to disown family members for what they've done. I also got a warm chilling my heart knowing that I've been yelling at someone for 3 1/2 years that was not at fault for whom I will get to see again….

I've never been one that wholeheartedly believes in this realm of magic and mysticism, but now I'm not so sure when I think of it as it seems to be pretty spot on. If

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