And All Too Familiar Song – Altering of Police Reports

They say the early bird catches the worm; this bird 🐦 got up and headed to One Police Plaza to get a copy of an August 16, 2017 police report which only yielded an all-too-familiar song that we’ve experienced quite a lot where “somehow” “mysteriously” NYPD police complaints are altered and changed with the most subtle of differences that make such changes appear to be “typos” but in fact Wind up closing out the case so a patrol sector doesn’t wind up getting it. I call that corruption at its best.

Well good thing we caught these “mistakes” because the local precinct has immediately been informed of these alterations (and IAB) and the assigned sector squad informed that in fact the complaint is not closed and actually now on the forefront of their minds given that we’ve gone through and discussed the changes that are not correct and reinforced the offense that’s been committed.

I’ve been informed and instructed by the local precinct of how to assist them in continuing to move forward on this complaint despite it not coming up in a regular patrol given that the case was flagged as closed “in error.”

The assigned officers also shed some interesting light given the fact the suspect is listed as being identifiable they also found it interesting, why this was flagged is closed and should not be.

Even further interesting, Police attempted to make an arrest today and apparently according to police, the suspect saw them, quickly removed them-self from sight and refused to answer the door for them….

Not the correct apartment

0895 not 0893

and it’s DENKER-YOUNGS not “YOUNG”

Help is on the way

This morning I got to meet with the court- evaluator Mental Hygiene Legal Services, assigned to evaluate and investigate such claims made within an article 81 petition I filed July 25, 2017 including

  1. how my beloved mother wound up with toxic levels of a cardiac glycoside prescription drug digoxin in her blood.
  2. Whether or not in fact CPR was actually administered on June 1 or not
  3. Whether or not my mothers expressed and implied wishes as detailed in her DNR are being adhered to and taken into consideration or being ignored
  4. Why for nearly 2 months now I have been kept from being able to visit with and at my ailing/dying mother’s bedside

We already have one individual’s explanation for this on record with the court as follows:

As ordered by the court I have provided all documentation as filed with the court, and orders of the court that have been issued.

Ironically upon my arrival I was informed that a certain someone tried contacting them first thing this morning (where they were actually speaking to the court evaluator herself), leaving upon them the impression that the person was “speaking in circles”, “making no sense” and seemed “a bit incoherent….” and was advised to call back tomorrow…

Here’s how this works, as ordered by the court…. I get to personally serve the article 81 petition upon my mother explaining to her why I commenced that action, the MHLS court evaluator get to also visit my mother, evaluate her functional abilities and her limitations and explain to her how the proceedings goes and reinforce the claims made within the commencement of this proceeding, all while investigating the claims as stated within the petition.

Anyone, everyone else, get to be heard before the court AFTER the above has taken place on September 20, 2017 in front of a Judge at 9:30 AM.

STILL the key question of the day for Mental Hygiene Legal Services and I is “where is my mother?!?”

Mommy, help is on the way!

Fight2Live & Live2Fight – My Journey

It’s been nearly 3 years since this journey began. A journey, that has drastically changed lives, has bread a ton of hurt, and challenged not so much my religious faith, but rather my faith in humanity. It has taught me many lessons but I think the greatest lesson it’s taught me, is that of self-reflection, what it truly means to be brave and to love.

To be brave:

  • One must never let fear fuel their actions
  • One must not be afraid to admit when they were wrong and to ask for forgiveness
  • One must never be afraid to stand alone even if that is as an army of one for what they believe
  • One must never be afraid to admit when they’re feeling weak and hurting
  • One must never let themselves self-destruct, but if by chance one shall fall…
  • One must never be afraid to pick themselves back up

Three years ago this October, I found a note upon returning home after having a stroke that to this day not only do I recall that note but do so word by word. The irony of this note is that three years later, those magical words are just the perfect words for me in wanting to write and find words to put together sending back a note of my own…

I wish there was something I could say or do to take away the hurt that you feel (and that I have caused). I never want you to feel such angst or pain. Please forgive me for my wrong perspective, attitude and handling of the situation. Please also forgive me for not realizing and seeming or being thankful for all the changes and sacrifices you have made for me.

I don’t know how else to tell you that I love you and want both of us to be happy, together.

These words further remind me of this familiar poetic work for which I believe is what truly defines love and is fate that it’s a work we both chose to be apart of what to me was the most special day in my life…

I love you,

Not only for what you are,

But for what I am

When I am with you.

I love you,

Not only for what

You have made of yourself,

But for what

You’re making of me.

I love you

For the part of me

That you bring out;

I love you

For putting your hand

Into my heaped-up heart

And passing over

All the foolish, weak things

That you can’t help

Dimly seeing there,

And for drawing out

Into the light

All the beautiful belongings

That no one else had looked

Quite far enough to find.

I love you because you

Are helping me to make

Of the lumbar of my life

Not a tavern

But a temple;

Out of the works

Of my every day

Not a reproach

But a song.

I love you

Because you have done

More than any creed

Could have done

To make me good,

And more than any fate,

To make me happy.

You have done it

Without a touch,

Without a word,

Without a sign.

You have done it

By being yourself.

Lies, Lies & OMG More Lies

So tonight apparently the tale that’s been carried and told, despite a court order being issued, is that I’m allowed to visit my mother in any facility she’s in but “if I upset her I will be removed and that I will be escorted up for supervised visit.” As if I’m a criminal.

The irony here is no one has even disclosed where my mother physically is located despite a court order directing service onto my mother.

But let’s review some facts here:

On June 13 there was an altercation caused by the same sister my mother was in the care and company of when she presented to a hospital with toxic levels of cardiac medications found in her blood now under investigation.

On June 13 and 14th criminal orders of protection and a family court order protection was issued against the same sister. Presently there is a violation of that order protection filed with the courts for which she will be answering to upon the next court appearance.

After a death threat voicemail message on August 16 an NYPD arrest warrant has been issued for the same individual that left the message and has been falsely moseying around the past couple months accusing my mother of being senile and me having psychological issues. This same individual coincidentally has been accused of reprehensible acts now by three individuals in the “family”.

And sadly on Thursday August 17, my nephews father has passed away and neither sister are even allowed at the mans funeral and to the extent that my nephews father intentionally listed someone other than my sister as his emergency contact thereby she only found out three hours after the guy passed that he was gone. Ironic ?!? Don’t think so!… karma’s a b*tch!

I think the last sentence of this FB post says volumes; when you have a man dying and gravely I’ll… “as if” it’s his choice needing medical care vs “not ready to be home 🏡 with his family…” (kinda a very insensitive and telling statement…)

On July 17, I actually went and met with Alan at his hospital and spent a good 3 hours with him; he certainly had a lot to say and confirm for me including some very insightful information making several apologies to me… I’d be willing to put some money on the fact that his family was informed of the same before his passed which is the backlash that were seeing now by his family.

Also, I believe the common street term meant here to make this statement above factual would be that the loss was of a “father” and “baby daddy” not a “husband” as “husband” implies there was a marriage and obviously he wasn’t anyone’s husband, when one’s never been married to the man.

And one sister finally came clean to a cousin admitting that she said something to me about certain reprehensible actions involving my father and two other sisters December 25 which when initially confronted she denied saying it to me but within the last two days has finally fessed up that it was true.

What is certainly obvious is there’s a whole bunch of lying and it ain’t coming from me and the truth will surely and very soon come to the surface.

Enter independent court evaluators and an investigation…

Let us not forget this 2014 email and subsequent text messages

Dirty Hidden Secrets Skeletons in the Closet Unleashed

For months now, close to a year actually there have been multiple attempts now by my father, my sisters both Sharon and Darlene and others attempting to paint me as a “nut job”, as a “psychopath” and someone mentally disturbed… all for which I’m sorry to disappoint you, my medical reports clearly refute it all.

Yesterday a dark, dirty and disgusting hidden family Secret was yet unearthed by a third individual; this secret not only confirms the fact that the people “gunning” for me obviously includes my siblings, half siblings, and now a father being blackmailed by his very daughters, whereby you all are committing crimes together….

Call me heartless, call me immoral, and even go so far as to consider me “dead to the family”, leave me death threats, all of that is perfectly just fine with me….

What NO ONE seems to grasp is, I AM and ALWAYS WILL BE my mother’s son, The husband to a man and one of the softest and gentlest souls that I’ve met in my life. I am far from spineless, I am far from crazy, I do not cower;

I have NO problem sitting in a criminal court room and testifying ensuring that the rest of the days these individuals spend is behind bars for the crimes they’ve committed, family, siblings, or not!

With such a dirty disgusting family secret unearthed by a third person, I find it reprehensible that any such other family members (and there are a few) that take to protecting and covering up for individuals that clearly are NOT the “greatest individuals with the greatest kindest hearts you’ve ever known.”

What is certainly ever more clear now is when my mother said “do what you gotta do”, and as long as I live and breath and in the memory and honor of my own mother I will continue to do what I have to do.

Criminals will be brought to Justice, answerable for your crimes and Justice will be done ✅

Regrets I have a few….

I’ve always been one to try to live life without regrets and up until a few years ago, matter of fact during the winter of 2012 when faced with being told I might not make the night, I could tell you that I’ve known what it was to have a feeling of peace and no regrets.

Fast forward five years later, I’ve spent at least three of them blinded by fear, performing under duress and allowing the pain and hurt I felt in my heart to allow myself to descend into a self-destruct spiral. Often seeing what was on the surface but never seeing the truth because I stopped listening to my heart and instead let fear and hurt guide me.

The experience of watching as I’ve been loosing my mother has helped me begin to ascend again, wanting to be the man my mother raised me to be, love from within my heart in the powerful ways I know how and resurface as me finding strength to lead with my heart again and extinguish fear and minimize pain.

That’s not to say that hurt and pain don’t exist but they do for a different reason, largely they exist because of regrets; regrets that I doubted love, that I allowed fear to lead and not my heart and regret that I didn’t shut up and listen more, because after all if you’re speaking you’re not listening and if you’re not listening you’re not learning….

I’ve learnt to listen more and in turn that’s helped me to love even more than I did before and hoping that me loving more allows me to erase some of the past and the regrets I have…

When it’s your own father who threatens your life…

The moment you receive a call from your father threatening your life when you simply follow proper lawful channels i.e. the courts wanting to know:

1. Why you’ve been prohibited by the actions of your own father and sister from seeing your ailing / dying mother for nearly two months without reason or any lawful documentation displaying the same

2. How and why your mother presented with toxic levels of cardiac glycoside prescription drugs in her blood to a hospital E.R. on June 1, 2017 and the only explanation given is nobody’s sure who prescribed the drug when all anyone needs to do is look at the damn bottle because the doctors name is printed on the label…

3. Asking the court to appoint you with your father as “joint” guardians “together” for your mother, allowing you access to your mothers medical records…

4. Upon service of a notice of such proceeding in court, after 2 1/2 months being hospitalized your mother is suddenly moved out of the county to an undisclosed location where nobody is willing to provide or disclose where she’s been moved to including family members that have no business getting involved in matters of my parent, as I don’t and have so kindly been reminded over the years to stay out of matters concerning theirs….

But such yields the following telephone call from my father as he’s been made aware of that the court has appointed my dear mother her own attorney and a court evaluator to investigate the above

⚠️ WARNING: this audio clip contains language not suitable for children and / or some adults

A key question bothering me all night…, how do you discharge a woman from a hospital that’s got a tracheotomy hooked up to a ventilator keeping her breathing and feeding tubes? It’s cold and interfacility transfer not a discharge, I highly doubt the woman got up and walked out of the hospital herself hooked up to a ventilator by her throat with feeding tubes!!!

Wow, also starting to wonder if any life insurance policies have been taken out recently?!?!!?!

Playing with fire

The irony that comes into play, but the day after being served with official court papers for guardianship you move my beloved mother out of the county,. The courts have been notified, as has my mother’s attorney.

And for which this post yielded the following response…… a very angered and threatening voicemail “threatening my life”

For which I must now do what I gotta do


When Blood is Not Always Thicker Then Water

Day by day for me this continues to be such a surreal reality continually leaving me baffled that such acts and actions are needed because of the conduct and actions of individuals one once terms family.

But of even greater sadness, we have a key focus should be on my beloved mother’s comfort, dignity and what is in her best interest, in accordance with her expressed and implied wishes, but sadly it is not.

Thus once again I find myself entangled into the wheels of justice in such effort for the care, cause and concern of my mother. The truth WILL come out, individuals will be accountable and as I live and breath, I will do everything in my power to protect my mother and her interests to the very end.

Would certainly is positive is the court has in fact appointed my mom solely her very own attorney who represents only her, not my father, not my siblings, and certainly not me, but in fact the most important here Mom. My mother’s attorney and I have already been in touch, she and a court appointed evaluator/investigator will be going to visit and meet with my mother privately. They will be explaining to my mother everything, and we all get to appear before the court September 6, 2017 with their findings.

Meantime, such stark and disgusting behavior continues which only reinforces the clear need for the court’s intervention with this proceeding for guardianship and the need for a formal investigation to be launched and such reason for the same is now further filed and has been made known to the court.