Peeling Away the Fat

I've spent a good portion of this week reading and re-reading such disgust contained in a series of text messages that becomes more and more unbelievable. As you dissect statement by statement you truly come to a clear and evident conclusion that not only are these statements a crock of sh*t and not believable but contradictory at best which leads to again the key question

"What are you hiding and what DID you do?"

Let's us dissect just a few of the many of these together:


Well yes, my mother stopped seeing her prior cardiologist Dr. Moschetto back in November 2016 and began seeing her new cardiologist Dr. Elmquist around the beginning of the year…. so we know who was prescribing and monitoring her cardiac meds, let's just ask Dr. Elmquist

STATEMENT EXAMPLE 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6

You're now an expert on diagnosing people and where they say, do and think… Everyone is "sick", delusional, need to be committed and not in their right minds, everyone BUT YOU!!


not withstanding the fact, that my mother's heart was still beating and you don't do CPR on a person whose heart is still beating…. The whole concept of a DNR i.e. do not resuscitate means no CPR

So while there's an acknowledgement of there being a DNR, and having knowledge of it, you commenced CPR anyway??

STATEMENT EXAMPLE 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 14, 15 and 16….

And probably the most mind baffling of them all… do you or do you not participate in my mother's care and interaction with her doctors or not??? Since my mother has been unable to speak since June 30, 2017 after someone consenting to a tracheotomy to be done on her, she is unable to communicate in fact, so taking into account the patients Bill of Rights who is the doctor speaking to? Considering my father is hard of hearing and can't hear her phone ring, I highly doubt they are speaking to my mother and my mother is speaking back

Last I checked, working, cooking, cleaning, laundry, paying bills, are all part of being an adult that most people start the day they move ahead on their own; when you're 37 years old and have never lived on your own, and don't pay rent I'm not so sure I see what the issue of cooking and cleaning and cooking are….?!?! are we resentful that it's time to grow up?

But what happened to the Patient Bill of Rights and the doctors not talking to you????


On June 10, 2017 after being extubated, I informed my mother that upon presenting to the hospital a toxic level of digoxin was found in her blood for which she responded "I had a feeling"… this statement contradicts each and every one of the following stupid excuses that this lie is being told to cover up

I'm too much of a grown gentleman to use the words I'd like to in a reply to my own rhetorical questions, and I've certainly outgrown the adage "liar liar pants on fire"

The moment you’re told what in your gut you already knew

Last weekend, my cousins and I went to another highly recommended psychic/fortuneteller/Picture reader.

Both of my cousins went first and each of them found the woman to be beyond accurate telling them very detailed things that this woman would not have known about them. For my cousin to walk out in tears says alot.

It was then shortly there after my turn to go in and I've never experienced what's referred to as this picture reading but had pictures of at least four different people which all remaining namesless…

By the end of my session with Amanda the psychic, she herself had tears rolling down her face telling me you must go to the police, reinforcing to me what I already knew or suspected, telling me I also must go to my mom's side as my mom is waiting for me to come in order to pass peacefully.

She reinforced that people are going to go to jail and that in fact I needed to disown family members for what they've done. I also got a warm chilling my heart knowing that I've been yelling at someone for 3 1/2 years that was not at fault for whom I will get to see again….

I've never been one that wholeheartedly believes in this realm of magic and mysticism, but now I'm not so sure when I think of it as it seems to be pretty spot on. If

When the end doesn’t justify the means….

When the end don't justify the means… you only expose the truth for what it is…. people with something to hide that are in fact running scared

Yet circulation of such "disownment" misstates the actual reality, it would appear im not the "crazy one" out of touch with reality!!

Nonetheless quite the position to take below when one's "father" is actually included in the relief requested in being appointed "jointly" and "together". ….. things that make you go hmmm!!

Let us keep in mind:

The unnerving this blog does for some despite it being my First Amendment right and those that read it, choose to click that link and choose to visit the blog and choose to read it for which they become unnerved by it. No one forces anyone to view it's protected content!

Then their is a third party allegation / admission suggesting ALL 6 of my siblings involved in what I've termed "my reality" of the past 3 years!!

The history and connection between everyone involved

Outright nastiness, bitterness and resentment of some which should be care, cause and concern for my beloved mother who is suffering

Then there's the economics, forged checks two days before the first emergence of this magic sum of $40,000 in a threatening doctored up text/email exchange which appears to be a common theme throughout… this involving 2 sisters in each

And then the miraculous kept secret that's unearthed… all but yours truly despite being raised in the Jewish faith, all now praise and consider their divine beliefs are rooted in the "Big J.C."…..

And then there the fact… I kissed a man and MARRIED HIM

For which is an apparent NO NO according to the BIG J.C….

And then the added why

And so is solved the big mystery!!!

A Mother….

Much of my life, or 37 years of it I've listened to my mother always say the words

You have one mother

In my life I've been blessed to really have two women who have always been "mom"… my mother and my dear Aunt Lorraine…

But in my life I can say my aunt has also been my best friend, a sister, an aunt, a confidant all wrapped into one. Our bond and the love we have for one another has also held steadfast against the test of time, adolescence, growing pains and yes even coming out of the closet. My aunt was the first person I ever admitted being gay to and naturally she loved me no less and never blinked an eye.

On the flip side, through the years of my life, my mother and I have always had and up-and-down on and off relationship. Not that we didn't love each other, but I think more so because we were so much a like and both seemingly wanted to have the last word. I remember even as a small child in the most heated of arguments, when mommy got in the shower, little Brian would get out a piece of looseleaf paper and write a quick little apology note that I would stick in my mother's underwear drawer where I knew she would go to grab her nightgown when she got out of the shower and would be sure to see it. I'd be willing to venture and make a bet that my mom probably somewhere kept those notes and that they still exist somewhere in my parents house today.

In starting in 2008 when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer tables begin to flip and I start to realize what it was like to become more of a parent where I took a leave from work to be sure to be by my mother's side every step of the way through her making the courageous decision to have a double mastectomy without choosing reconstruction, while another in the home commented their opinion that my mother was choosing to let doctors "take her womanhood away." I remember after seeing my mom in the recovery room after her surgery and all of us going home, I had to get back in my car and go back to the hospital and I sat with her that first night in her room for most of the night just to be with her so she wasn't alone and had some strength by her side.

In 2009, just two weeks after meeting my husband, my mom had surgery on her left carotid artery developing a post surgical blood clot that required emergency surgery yet again this time requiring her to be on a respirator in a drug-induced coma for about five days. And once again, I could not stomach leaving my mom by herself in a hospital at St. Francis in a coma on the respirator by herself. I slept at that hospital for five days straight with her right by her bedside on a cot. My friend TJ would bring me coffee in the morning, my friend Lisa and Doug came to keep me company and even my husband having known me only two weeks would stop over to stand and show me support through those trying days.

And even through my mothers hospitalizations this past winter in January and while she was in a nursing facility through mid April, I would often go back up to the hospital at 8 or 9 o'clock at night, and just sit with my mom. I think she must've been insisting on a sandwich with her dinner claiming that was for nighttime snack because each time I walk through that door that evening at night my mother had a tuna fish sandwich waiting for me insistent that I eat it. I think in an uncanny and unspoken way that was my mom's way of knowing i'd be back for that one on one time so that she fell asleep at night with someone at her bedside.

So yes as my mom spent years saying you only have one mother… it took me 37 years to truly know what my mother meant … WHICH MEANS

even if you bust your "f'in" a**, and life goes on around you, YOU FIND THE TIME not to "end your world to be someone's care giver", but you find time to make the woman that gave you life, that one mother, and MAKE HER YOUR WORLD!!!!"

When the unearthed truth get them running scared that they start digging their own hole!!

Today I received the following type written letter in the mail for which is my father's signature, however the handwriting on the envelope which is has no return address (coward) is not that of my fathers penmanship. Not to mention, this is not a legal form of an affidavit, it's missing a verification, there are typos and grammatical errors… Fact is my father does not use a computer to type such things and in fact, is written without full disclosure and knowledge of the entire cause of action (talk about putting your foot in your mouth), thereby a clear and evident move in fact that people are running scared…. and I ain't so wrong as the truth surfaces and the pieces are all coming together!

And in fact only goes to further support the fact that there is something desperately wrong here.

On July 25, 2017, I did in fact file a petition for guardianship in the Supreme Court of the State of New York County of Kings requesting that a court evaluator be appointed to review the allegations as put forward in my verified petition for Guardianship and subsequent post of
Key Questions & Inquiries

And while I'm waiting for the court to send back the signed documents which according to the clerk takes up to two weeks, whoever authored this and influenced my father to sign this, just stepped themself into a hole of their own shit, so that they can lay in their own shit because of the requested relief before the courts pending the courts execution of an order show cause actually request that my father and I jointly be appointed my mothers guardians and in fact the allegations are none against my father in the actual petition. Hence more evidence to keep digging your own holes.

So now I guess the search is underway for the mysterious third person engaged in this BS i.e. who's penmanship is on the front of this envelope…. more for the authorities, and dept of aging elder abuse unit and their investigations…. kudos to you! Well done!

Oh and by the way…. it's "DenkerYoungs" not "Denker Youngs"….!

cuts discovered on my mother's left hand when removing her mittens. Due to lymph-nodes removed back in 2008, there is a restriction of nothing on the left arm, so how did this happen ??

Now lets re-focus back on the following facts:

June 14th – The "disowning" parent confides in the cousin and cousin's boyfriend "it's not Brian, it's the other one in the other room" during their in person visit to my parents house (referring to the same sister referenced in this attempt at an "affidavit").

June-July – Flip-flopping back-and-forth accusations of a psychiatrist needing to come and valuate my mom permeate regular updates from my sister to the rest of the family members, while my dad attempts to suggest to people that I have psychological issues or while this coming from someone fired from the New York City Board of Education for the city of New York for a psychological breakdown in the classroom and for inappropriately hitting a kid.

July 23- my 56 year old cousin places a call to my 82year old aunt to get an update on my mother's condition.

July 26- via text msg exchange my sister attempts to verbally reprimand my cousin for calling my aunt for which my cousin response naturally being a 56 year old Woman not to tell her what to do for which my sister then responds "well Craig will put an end to that"… ironic my sister pulls in third-party people for which my cousin obviously contacted my cousin Craig to let him know about this interaction.

All I got to say, such actions speak louder than words!!!!

I set out on a narrow way many years ago
Hoping I would find true love along the broken road

But I got lost a time or two

Wiped my brow and kept pushing through

I couldn't see how every sign pointed straight to you

That every long lost dream lead me to where you are
Others who broke my heart, they were like northern stars
Pointing me on my way into your loving arms
This much I know is true
That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you
Yes it did
I think about the years I spent just passing through

I'd like to have the time I lost and give it back to you

But you just smile and take my hand
You've been there you understand
It's all part of a grander plan that is coming true
Every long lost dream led me to where you are
And others who broke my heart they were like northern stars
Pointing me on my way into your loving arms
This much I know it's true
That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you
And now I'm just rolling home
Into my lover's arms
This much I know is true
That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you
That God blessed the broken road
Ooh, ooh
That led me straight to you


I promise you as a lover & a friend to love you like I never love again with everything I am

Key Questions & Inquiries

As I await a final court order from Judges Chambers for the Supreme Court of the State of New York on a Petition for Guardianship over my dear mother which raises many questions as to the care and company around her, more and more questions by the day that I believe will require some answering and need to be subpoenaed:

1- June 1, 2017 Audio recording of the call made to 911
Each and every other time my mother has needed to be removed to the hospital a call to the private "Jewish" ambulance service of Hatzolah was made. Why on this morning was 911 called instead?

2- June 1, 2017 Emergency Medical Services Pre-hospital Care Report (PCR)

on every job EMS maintains a prehospital care report (PCR) which is been signed off by the hospital. This PCR contains primary and secondary assessments including a scene survey i.e. what did responding EMS workers witness upon arrival onto scene.

Since my sister apparently notified EMS and hospital that she needed to begin CPR on a woman's heart who is still beating, did EMS personnel arrive onto scene and witness my mother being given CPR?

It is alleged that my father talked of EMS needing to carry my mother into the living room on a sheet to get her out of the bedroom. How was that done?

How and where was CPR then being administered? You could not administer CPR on an individual in a bed you would've had to move them to the floor or stratal on top of them in the bed as a bed is not a hard surface and your compressions would not be effective. For those that have met my sister you know that my sister is between 220 to 250 pounds and apparently has problems with her back and feet there's no way she would've been able to stratal my mother in a bed.

Further there is no dispute whatsoever that on June 1, 2017, my mom did have a DNR that she executed and therefore, why would someone begin CPR in the first place especially claiming to be her health surrogate? Clearly then my mother's wishes were not respected IF in fact there was the administering of CPR!!!

3- June 1, 2017 Primary and Secondary ER Patient Assessments

After about 90 minutes working on my mother, doctors came out requesting that all of her medication be brought to the emergency room as they found toxic levels of the cardiac glycoside prescription drug Digoxin in her blood.

Was this in fact reported as is required under New York State law?

Did hospital staff find my mother's fingertips to have abrasions and cuts on them as I have photographs of my mother's hands from June 13, 2017 with her fingertips having cuts and abrasions on them after taken a restraint mitt off of her left hand. Important to note that nothing was to be done on my mother's left arm anyway given the removal of lymph node's after a subsequent 2008 double mastectomy. Where did those cuts and abrasions come from?

4- Medical reports and blood work from May 2017 physician visits

My mother was first released from a nursing facility April 25, 2017 after being at rehab for some 92 days.

During the month of May my mother had to see her normal physicians including Dr. Smith and would be assumed to have had blood work taken during the period of time.

It would be interesting to compare the blood work to that which was taken upon admittance June 1, 2017 given that there had been likely no change in prescription drugs over the course of that month.

5- Entire Patient record maintained by Woodhull Hospital

With the flip-flopping, removal addition removal authorization for a tracheotomy i.e. artificial respiration, it would be interesting to see the hospitals notations on how they recorded and who was making these requests for removal and addition of such DNR's etc.

While some boast that my mother has a private room at Woodhall Hospital, one should note that there are only but private rooms in this facility if you've ever seen the building that's why it so we elongated.

Despite there being a critical care unit on the 8th floor, my mother has been kept in a surgical ICU on the 9th floor across the hall from a "chemical dependency lockdown unit" since June 13, 2017 and not their standard critical care intensive care unit. A bit ODD, don't you think?

If there truly is a valid DNR in place why was the woman given a tracheotomy? A tracheotomy would in fact be counter intuitive to a person's mindset and wishes having effected a DNR. Yet, a tracheotomy was done, this woman's ability to speak and taken away and yet a DNR bracelet is still on her wrist…. this makes absolutely no logical sense!

Upon being initially extubated June 9, 2017 and respiratory therapist considering my mother stabilized enough for an interfacility transfer to NYU Langone medical center Who previously treated her in April 2016 and January 2017 for similar problems, why was such transfer not even entertained and refused immediately. Matter-of-fact in your suggestion of such yielded a huge blowup of yelling and screaming by father in front of my aunt… with no reason as to why he even got so angry at the suggestion….

And lastly such medical record should shed light on such restrictions that prohibits me from visiting my mother that nobody apparently seems to be willing to document in writing.

Keeping in mind the following statements made by David Kniazuk because I'll tell you what, inspector Clouseau has probably put all the pieces together and in fact David's statements are more than likely correct and true. None of this has anything to do with a divorce between my husband and I, rather a sick hate crime by the evangelical church inclusive of my siblings who mysteriously and secretively six out of the seven Denker kids go to church. Nobody thought I was going to be able to piece this all together as all of them kept pointed fingers at my poor husband. Now makes sense why my father in the December started walking around that he had nothing to live for; my sister Renée has long disgustingly accused my father of reprehensible acts for which my father is not capable of and yet this very December my sister Sharon started making statements that my sister Darlene confided in her and made those same similar allegations. My father walking around threatening to have me thrown in jail isn't literal rather my sisters are walking around threatening to put him in jail if he doesn't do what they tell them. Hence why my mother was so vehemently advising me for months to "do what I gotta to do". May investigations continue and make you all, siblings or not rot behind bars if any of this is in fact true

With Courage, conviction & a strong sense of self!!

Today my cousins Michelle and Susan reminded about what family standing together is all about.

After weeks of snaring texts back and forth with my sisters, and constant flip flopping, changing and twisting stories to utter silence in communicating any logically sounding updates on my mother's condition, my two cousins along with my cousins boyfriend came in from New Jersey to check, see for themselves and visit with my mom.

Not surprisingly though quite interestingly not only were the three of them by hospital security asked for ID upon arriving at Woodhall Hospital, but then they were all informed by such security "the son is not allowed" which left them in surprise that the hospital volunteers this information but interestingly one would think I was a convicted criminal although wait they do bring criminals to Woodhull Hospital for care and treatment; thus leaves me pondering how I'm categorized then :-).

Again in more than a month in at least four documented requests of this hospital to furnish such restriction in writing the hospital has failed to respond there by obviously establishing that restriction is potentially unethical, potentially unlawful and without merit that the facility seems to be covering their backside and refusing to furnish it in writing!

More importantly the real importance and focus is my mother's health and well being. My cousins boyfriend return downstairs to me in less than five minutes and I could see the look on his face where he was apparently in shock himself at my mothers appearance and condition.

My mother apparently does have a tracheotomy, feeding tubes and is now on day 52 still been kept under fentynol sedation and it appears to have aged 100 years.

My cousins said my mom acknowledged them in her opening and closing her eyes for them as they spoke to her and they sent my love and words communicated over text while I'm left standing outside not having been allowed for nearly a month now for no reason at all except "you know what you did" as a response from half drunk hospital security guards at Woodhull.

The irony in all this is that, this is about my dear mother (or should be) and ensuring her comfort and peace.

While some may disagree that I maintain a blog which is my lawful First Amendment right to do so, especially one that is a factual biographical account of a very painful journey I've endured the past 3 1/2 years, and those that do not agree with my blog do not have to follow it or read it, or voluntarily visit it, such yields within the past 24 hours the following outbursts which clearly have no care, cause or concern or concern for my mother's well-being, her comfort or peace rather are bitter outbursts from individuals who hold abusive histories one fired from the NYC BD of Ed for grabbing a child and practical nervous breakdown in the classroom and the other who's had Child Protective services banging down her door. And who have disgustingly joined in creating rumors mirroring another sibling alleging my father of certain reprehensible conduct for which my father may be a lot of things but my father certainly is nothing what the siblings even allege.

What is becoming clear is that the heat has gotten a little too hot in the kitchen and that more more pieces are coming together for which my husband was only trying to protect me from and I unfairly blamed only took me 3 1/2 years and to lose my husband to understand what he meant in responding "whatever he did he did for us." From that I own such blame and carry my loss.

What is also starting to make a lot more sense in my dad's more recent rants of "I'll have you arrested" it wasn't him threatening me but in fact more likely him trying to convey threats being thrown upon him and sending him into a scared frenzy while the man is losing his wife. All because the heat is getting a bit too hot in the kitchen.

My dear mother who I pray is comfortable and peaceful in her current state always taught us growing up that the truth always comes out and it always does.

And of course the three year ago same threats thrown around from one sister for which if you take note of the inconsistency in punctuation and spacing it's obvious that this is not an authentic true and accurate exchange but nonetheless one offered up by the same sibling dating back to 2014.